Monday, January 22, 2007

Iowa travels to Columbus, OH and meets Greg Oden; Frosh abuses the Hawks, dunks ensue, Iowa's streakiness continues

Just like the Illinois game in Champaign-Urbana, Iowa's opponent on Saturday was rude to the rim. Value City Arena was the host of yet another dunkfest courtesy of Iowa's lack of interior defense. Freshman Greg Oden abused the rim on a constant basis in the second half of the ballgame.

Surprisingly, Iowa's Seth Gorney was able to do an average job against Oden in the first half. Unfortunately after taking a charge from Conley Jr., Seth wasn't able to return to the floor. Ohio State capitalized on Gorney's absence. Fouls began to mount up on the Iowa bigs, and being down a player on an already below average front court was too much to make up. I, for one, was astounding that Gorney's presence would turn out to be a turning point in the ballgame. Looby, Angle, and Tate were no match for Oden down low. After holding Oden to 11 and 5 in the first half (I say hold will complete seriousness in my tone), Oden exploded in the second half with 18 and 5 (8 for 8 from the field and most of the FGs being huge two handed Shaq-esque dunks).

Going into the ballgame, I assumed that Oden would be able to put 20 and 10 against Iowa. He finished the game with a career high 29 points, and added 10 boards. While Oden did lead the team with 4 turnovers, he was clearly the reason Ohio State won (and handily at that). The Buckeyes' perimeter shooting was horrid (2-12 in the first half, 6-20 in the game), but Oden was there to take the game into his own hands.

While I have not been a big fan of Oden (I still feel he isn't the best freshman on his own team and isn't as complete as Durant from Texas), he was able to prove to me that he's an absolutely force in college basketball. A game like the one played on Saturday magnified Oden's game primarily because Iowa's front court is one of the worst in the Big Ten.

That said, Iowa was very much in this ballgame with 13 minutes to go, but then Oden went off. The score wasn't indicative of how competitive the game was for 30 minutes (yes, I realize games are 40 minutes and that's what counts).

STICKIES OF THE GAME (stats from the game that stick out at me):
  • Points off turnovers-IOWA 8, OSU 21 *
  • Bench points-IOWA 9, OSU 24
  • Points in the paint-IOWA 26, OSU 46
  • Ohio State: 25-33 from 2 pt FG range
  • Conley, Jr. had 10 assist, dude is crazy good
  • Iowa outrebounded Ohio State
* - Stat of the Game


During their 8-0 run early in the first half, they made 3 field goals in 1 minute, 31 seconds.
The last 8:21 of the first half, Iowa only made 3 field goals, yet they had 5 turnovers in the same amount of time. Ohio State's lead went from 4 to 11. See below.
GOOD! FT SHOT by Lighty, David 08:05 23-19 H 4 FOUL by Tate, Cyrus
GOOD! FT SHOT by Lighty, David 08:05 24-19 H 5
REBOUND (DEF) by Conley Jr., Mike 07:51 MISSED JUMPER by Gorney, Seth
TURNOVR by Oden, Greg 07:41
07:05 TURNOVR by (TEAM)
GOOD! JUMPER by Oden, Greg [PNT] 06:51 26-19 H 7
ASSIST by Conley Jr., Mike 06:51
06:33 TURNOVR by Henderson, Mike
MISSED 3 PTR by Lewis, Ron 06:06 REBOUND (DEF) by Gorney, Seth
REBOUND (DEF) by Oden, Greg 05:57 MISSED 3 PTR by Freeman, Tony
MISSED 3 PTR by Conley Jr., Mike 05:46 REBOUND (DEF) by Haluska, Adam
FOUL by Terwilliger, Matt 05:12
05:10 26-21 H 5 GOOD! JUMPER by Gorney, Seth [PNT]
05:10 ASSIST by Freeman, Tony
GOOD! LAYUP by Terwilliger, Matt [PNT] 04:58 28-21 H 7
ASSIST by Conley Jr., Mike 04:58
04:38 TURNOVR by Smith, Tyler
04:38 FOUL by Smith, Tyler
GOOD! LAYUP by Butler, Jamar [PNT] 04:27 30-21 H 9
04:12 TURNOVR by Smith, Tyler
MISSED DUNK by Cook, Daequan 4:09 REBOUND (DEF) by (TEAM)
REBOUND (DEF) by Cook, Daequan 03:48 MISSED 3 PTR by Smith, Tyler
TURNOVR by Cook, Daequan 03:39
REBOUND (DEF) by Cook, Daequan 03:11 MISSED JUMPER by Johnson, Justin
MISSED 3 PTR by Harris, Ivan 03:04 REBOUND (DEF) by Smith, Tyler
02:45 30-23 H 7 GOOD! LAYUP by Freeman, Tony [PNT]
02:45 ASSIST by Smith, Tyler
FOUL by Cook, Daequan 02:45 MISSED FT SHOT by Freeman, Tony
REBOUND (DEF) by Lewis, Ron 02:45
MISSED JUMPER by Oden, Greg 02:27 REBOUND (DEF) by Freeman, Tony
02:20 MISSED 3 PTR by Freeman, Tony
02:20 REBOUND (OFF) by Looby, Kurt
02:14 TURNOVR by Smith, Tyler
TURNOVR by Harris, Ivan 01:59
REBOUND (DEF) by Harris, Ivan 01:51 MISSED 3 PTR by Haluska, Adam
GOOD! FT SHOT by Lewis, Ron 01:37 31-23 H 8 FOUL by Freeman, Tony
GOOD! FT SHOT by Lewis, Ron 01:37 32-23 H 9
01:26 32-26 H 6 GOOD! 3 PTR by Haluska, Adam
01:26 ASSIST by Freeman, Tony
MISSED 3 PTR by Harris, Ivan 01:15
REBOUND (OFF) by Oden, Greg 01:15
GOOD! DUNK by Oden, Greg [PNT] 01:10 34-26 H 8
REBOUND (DEF) by Oden, Greg 00:54 MISSED JUMPER by Angle, J.R.
GOOD! DUNK by Oden, Greg [PNT] 00:44 36-26 H 10
ASSIST by Conley Jr., Mike 00:44
GOOD! FT SHOT by Oden, Greg 00:44 37-26 H 11 FOUL by Henderson, Mike
00:19 MISSED JUMPER by Angle, J.R.
00:19 REBOUND (OFF) by Looby, Kurt
REBOUND (DEF) by Conley Jr., Mike 00:11 MISSED 3 PTR by Haluska, Adam
TURNOVR by Conley Jr., Mike 00:02
FOUL by Conley Jr., Mike 00:02

Friday, January 19, 2007

It's Official: USC is my Dark Horse this Year

The USC men's basketball team has greatly improved under the direction of Tim Floyd.

They have taken out Oregon, Wichita St, and Arizona; they also took UCLA down to the wire. They don't have many bad losses on their schedule so far (their worst would be an OT loss at home vs. S. Carolina in the first game of the season OR the K State loss in Vegas). The only thing hurting their RPI right now are the home losses they suffered (S Car, WSU, and UCLA).

Therefore, I present the University of Southern California Trojans with the Official Darkhorse Award.

Pat Hardy - "Alford unfair to point guard" - Cry me a river...

In his column on Jan 17, 2007, Pat Hardy writes that Iowa men's basketball coach, Steve Alford, made unfair comments about the team's point guard play at Indiana. Read the article here: Alford unfair to point guard

Pat Hardy

"Steve Alford reverted back to his old ways by throwing Henderson under the bus after the game."

Throwing under the bus? Hardly. Pointing out the truths of the game? Yes.

"Alford also blamed Henderson for causing the offense to bog down."

Well, when you turn the ball over 4 times, only have 1 assist, and score 5 points, I'd say that's an astute observation.

"It's also unfortunate and counterproductive because how does a player, even an experienced senior, benefit from being ripped publicly?"

It's called accountability, look into it.

"What's ironic about this is that Alford used Henderson's absence as an excuse for why Iowa struggled early in the season."

Pat needs a reality check.

Once Mike Henderson starts playing like a senior, perhaps then Alford will lay off Mike. There was nothing wrong in what Alford said in his quotes. The only apology that needs to be made is Mike Henderson to Hawk fans; his play has been awful at best. Alford was right to acknowledge the Hawks' lack of consistency early without Mike, they needed him in there to give them his ball handling skills, knack for getting to the hole, and leadership (something he was very efficient at the second half of last year). Once healthy, you'd think Mike would be able to get back to his old form, but right now the only thing he has been consistent at is getting called for palming.

Guess what, Pat? When players don't play well, they should be accountable. Don't whine about the coach. Mr. Hardy is probably one of those guys who blames the parents instead of the kids.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Iowa Hawkeyes Go Cold Again; Indiana Takes Advantage

For the second game in a row, the Iowa Hawkeyes came down with a cold (cold shooting that is). Iowa went over 8 minutes without a FG in last night's game against Indiana. The drought, similar to the previous one vs. Minnesota, ended up costing Iowa the game this time.


1st Half

Pt in Paint - Iowa 6, Ind 8
Pt off TO - Iowa 4, Ind 7
2nd Chance pts - Iowa 4, Ind 9

2nd Half
Pt in Paint - Iowa 26, Ind 14
Pt off TO - Iowa 8, Ind 4
2nd Chance pts - Iowa 13, Ind 2

Entire Game
Pt in Paint - Iowa 32, Ind 22
Pt off TO - Iowa 12, Ind 11
2nd Chance pts - Iowa 17, Ind 11
Rebounds - Iowa 33, Ind 32
FGs - Iowa 25/55, Ind 25/54
3 pt FGs - Iowa 2/10, Ind 8/21
FT - Iowa 12/16, Ind 13/17

Indiana's Last FG of the Game was with 4:58 left.

Iowa scored 0 FG from 15:42 to 7:17 (8 min, 25 sec) left in the first half
Iowa scored 1 FG from 15:42 to 3:37 (12 min, 5 sec) left in the first half.
Iowa scored 2 FG from 15:42 to :49 (14 min, 53 sec) left in the first half.
Iowa scored 3 FG in the last 15:42 of the first half.

TIMEOUT media 15:14
GOOD! 3 PTR by Ratliff, A.J. 14:48 8-8 T 1
ASSIST by Bassett, Armon 14:48
BLOCK by White, D.J. 14:26
FOUL by Ratliff, A.J. (P1T1) 14:19 8-9 V 1 GOOD! FT SHOT by Haluska, Adam
14:19 8-10 V 2 GOOD! FT SHOT by Haluska, Adam
GOOD! LAYUP by White, D.J. [PNT] 14:06 10-10 T 2
FOUL by Stemler, Lance (P1T2) 13:22
12:34 FOUL by Looby, Kurt (P1T1)
TIMEOUT media 11:58
GOOD! FT SHOT by Bassett, Armon 10:54 11-10 H 1 FOUL by Tate, Cyrus (P1T2)
GOOD! FT SHOT by Bassett, Armon 10:54 12-10 H 2
10:29 FOUL by Freeman, Tony (P1T3)
09:52 FOUL by Freeman, Tony (P2T4)
GOOD! JUMPER by Calloway, Earl [FB/PNT] 09:27 14-10 H 4
GOOD! LAYUP by White, D.J. [PNT] 08:36 16-10 H 6
ASSIST by Calloway, Earl 08:36
FOUL by Stemler, Lance (P2T3) 08:06
GOOD! 3 PTR by Stemler, Lance 07:31 19-10 H 9
07:30 TIMEOUT 30sec
07:16 19-13 H 6 GOOD! 3 PTR by Haluska, Adam
07:16 ASSIST by Smith, Tyler
TIMEOUT media 06:46
GOOD! 3 PTR by Wilmont, Roderick 06:41 22-13 H 9
GOOD! TIP-IN by White, D.J. [PNT] 06:17 24-13 H 11
FOUL by Ratliff, A.J. (P2T4) 06:08
04:17 FOUL by Henderson, Mike (P1T5)
FOUL by Calloway, Earl (P1T5) 03:58
03:58 TIMEOUT media
03:36 24-15 H 9 GOOD! JUMPER by Smith, Tyler [PNT]
GOOD! JUMPER by Wilmont, Roderick 03:02 26-15 H 11
BLOCK by White, D.J. 02:47
00:48 26-17 H 9 GOOD! JUMPER by Henderson, Mike
00:48 ASSIST by Smith, Tyler
GOOD! 3 PTR by Wilmont, Roderick 00:27 29-17 H 12
ASSIST by Stemler, Lance 00:27
FOUL by Wilmont, Roderick (P1T6) 00:10
BLOCK by Ratliff, A.J. 00:02

Iowa scored 17 points in the first half, yet still only trailed by a dozen. Hawks then came out and put up 47 in the second half, but it was too little, too late. Hawks lose by 7.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Gophers vs. Iowa: 5 minute stretch in the game where only ONE BUCKET was made

Between 9:58 to 3:58 in the first half, Iowa and Minnesota combined for two points. A FIVE MINUTE STRETCH where only ONE BUCKET was made, a dunk by Smith. WOW! That's awful. Here's the events between 9:58 and 3:58 left:

MISSED DUNK by Gorney, Seth            09:43              REBOUND (DEF) by Coleman, Dan
REBOUND (DEF) by Johnson, Justin 09:37 MISSED JUMPER by McKenzie, Lawrence
MISSED 3 PTR by Johnson, Justin 09:27 REBOUND (DEF) by Coleman, Dan
REBOUND (DEF) by Smith, Tyler 09:11 MISSED 3 PTR by McKenzie, Lawrence
MISSED 3 PTR by Smith, Tyler 08:54 REBOUND (DEF) by (TEAM)
FOUL by Freeman, Tony (P1T4) 08:28
08:06 MISSED LAYUP by Webster, Bryce
08:06 REBOUND (OFF) by (TEAM)
07:44 TURNOVR by Abu-Shamala, Jamal
MISSED 3 PTR by Freeman, Tony 07:28 REBOUND (DEF) by Payton, Kevin
REBOUND (DEF) by Henderson, Mike 07:01 MISSED LAYUP by McKenzie, Lawrence
GOOD! DUNK by Smith, Tyler [FB/PNT] 06:58 18-14 H 4
ASSIST by Henderson, Mike 06:58
REBOUND (DEF) by Johnson, Justin 06:40 MISSED 3 PTR by Abu-Shamala, Jamal
MISSED 3 PTR by Freeman, Tony 06:33 REBOUND (DEF) by Webster, Bryce
REBOUND (DEF) by Johnson, Justin 06:09 MISSED JUMPER by Williams, Jonathan
MISSED JUMPER by Henderson, Mike 05:59 REBOUND (DEF) by Abu-Shamala, Jamal
REBOUND (DEF) by Johnson, Justin 05:26 MISSED JUMPER by Abu-Shamala, Jamal
05:15 FOUL by Webster, Bryce (P1T4)
MISSED JUMPER by Haluska, Adam 05:05 REBOUND (DEF) by Webster, Bryce
04:54 TURNOVR by Payton, Kevin
MISSED LAYUP by Looby, Kurt 04:37 REBOUND (DEF) by Wilson, Limar
04:28 TURNOVR by Wilson, Limar
MISSED 3 PTR by Haluska, Adam 04:18 REBOUND (DEF) by Nurumbi, Engen
Iowa 1-10 in the stretch, Minnesota 0-7.

Iowa's Rankings / A Look at the Big Ten

Iowa's Rankings

RPI: 109 (moved down 1 spot)
Pomeroy: 68 (moved up 2 more spots)
Sagarin: 94 (up 6 spots)
Greenfield: 102 (up 2 spots)
Massey: 99 (down 1 spot)
Composite link from 26 ratings: 92 (up 22 spots)

Iowa's Highest Ranking - 57 (Lynch)
Iowa's Lowest Ranking - 124 (SAP)

How Weak is the Big Ten?

Looking at some RPI stats:

10. Wisconsin
13. Ohio State
22. Michigan
28. Michigan State
37. Illinois
44. Purdue

6 teams in the Top 45 RPI. While not world beaters, these teams all have respectable RPIs.

Michigan is at 57.

The thing is this, though. The BT is 5th in conference RPI.