Saturday, May 31, 2008

OT: Behold, the single best music video of all-time

"Pork and Beans" off Weezer's new red album.


Direct link: "Pork and Beans"

Love it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

OT: Did I Just Get Philip J. Fryed? Ultra-Concentrated Laundry Detergent?

I have meant to blog about this issue for about a month now, but only now have had the time and energy to hit it. Rewind the clock to a month go. Ready. Go.


So yesterday, I was just in Target buying a few items, headed through the laundry detergent aisle and everything looked normal. All the detergent looked as they always had. Today, I head back to Target for some of other items and happen to stumble into the laundry detergent aisle once again. I think I was seriously cryopreserved, and just woke up at a later date.

The laundry detergent went from this:

To this:


How the hell did that happen?

Friggin' mind blower. I want to know where I have been the last few months.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Men's BB: Tony Freeman Transfers to Southern Illinois

After weeks of searching for a new school, Tony Freeman is a Saluki.

The Southern reports (and badly, I might add) that Freeman has verballed to play for Southern Illinois.

My favorite (or the complete opposite) quote was this one:
"The junior planned to return to Iowa City, Iowa, for his senior season, but was told by Hawkeye coach Todd Lickliter he wasn't in the plans for the future of the program."

That is misinformation at best. While I have been in Tony's corner in this decision for him to move on from Iowa, that quote is so far left, it's ridiculous. I do think Lickliter could have given Tony a fairer shake in the matter, but ultimately it came down to Tony not fitting the system. Freeman had to have been upset after his post-season talk with Coach (representative of his quotes in the paper), however none of us know exactly how that conversation went. The fact is the meeting held between the two is only going to be known by those two individuals. We've heard Tony's side, but we will never hear Lick's side.

I wish Tony best of luck in the future, he is now out of the Iowa Hawkeye family and has joined the pack of the Salukis.

TF_SIUUni.jpg picture by storminspank
Tony's D will come in handy for the Salukis in 2009.

A look back at some of TF highlights I made of the years:

Have fun back in Illinois, Tony.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

OT: I Got Pwned Last Week


I took this picture on my Blackberry. It's pretty easy to hold it straight out in front of you and drive at the same time when you are doing 10 under the speed limit because of these three gentlemen driving down Hwy 52 in Rochester. As you can see, there was no one else around me. Trust me, I can multi-task while driving, esp. in this circumstance. Cripes.

But that's not the point... the point is... I got nuthin'.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

OT: New Browser - Flock

Ok, I might be a little late to the party, but I just discovered "Flock", the Social Web Browser.

Very cool little browser. Currently I run Firefox as my main browser (which also happens to be the fundamental core of Flock), as well as IE7, Opera, and Safari. I've only played around with the browser for a few minutes, but I have to say that it does wonders for the Social Networking niche.

Click on the button below to get started...

Get Flocked

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

NFL: Bears Fans Rejoice!! Adam Archuleta Has Been Released!!


More Information HERE.

Strike up the Band!


Friday, May 02, 2008

MEN'S BB: Tony Freeman is No Longer a Hawkeye

There are several stories out of Iowa City explaining what happened today. Bottom line is that Tony Freeman will be transferring from Iowa. Rumors of this move have been circulating since March, and have now been confirmed. The rumors of Tony's departure really picked up steam after a recent I-Club outing where the captains of the 08-09 team were announced and Tony wasn't one of them. Randy Peterson's article in the Des Moines Register gives us Tony's side of the story.

Jon Miller, founder of, has a terrific analysis of the situation. Read about it HERE.

Say what you will about Tony's on the court freestyling ways, losing a player of his caliber is never a good thing. He will be missed sorely, and it most certainly will lower expectations for next year's squad.

If anything good came out of this situation, it would be that it looks like Jeff Peterson is going to be sticking around.

Good luck to Tony wherever he ends up. He is no longer a Hawkeye. Just as the case with Tyler Smith, he will never be thought of as a Hawkeye again. That's a shame, in my opinion.