Thursday, December 31, 2009

OT: My "Bests" of the Decade

As we say goodbye to the 2000's, here's a list of my "bests".

Hawkeye Players
FOOTBALL - Shonn Greene
BASKETBALL - Jeff Horner

WRESTLING - Brent Metcalf

Sports Teams (specific team, not most consistent over the decade - i.e. '02 Hawkeyes):
NFL - 2006-07 Indianapolis Colts
MLB -2003 Florida Marlins
NBA - 2007-08 Boston Celtics
COLLEGE BASKETBALL - 2000-01 Arizona Wildcats

MOVIE - Mulholland Drive
SONG - Green Day - "Jesus of Suburbia"
ALBUM - Bright Eyes - "I'm Wide Awake, it's Morning"
VIDEO GAME - God of War (I/II)
BOOK - Michio Kaku - "Physics of the Impossible"
TECHNOLOGY/GADGET - Mobile Data (i.e. - Blackberry, iPhone, Droid)

GREATEST EVENT - HDTV comes to the masses
"WHO CARES" EVENT -Michael Jackson's death

Feel Free to Add Yours HERE

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MEN'S BB: Little John Ballin'

Who didn't see this coming?

Of course everyone expected the walk-on redshirt freshman coach's son to take it at the 3 time All-Big Ten defensive team member and 2007-08 Big Ten Defensive Player of Year... and then go off-hand, off-glass to finish the fast break. Everyone saw that coming.

And then to come back a few possessions later and go behind the back on another fast break to streaking Eric May. Just business as usual.

Then the Iowa Hawkeyes' John Lickliter hit the long trey and things got silly.

I kid, of course, because I care. Seriously, though, it's totally worth the watch...

Video below:

Monday, December 21, 2009

Anthony Tucker: What Next?

Anthony Tucker: What Next?

Has sophomore guard, Anthony Tucker, played his final game as a member of the Iowa Hawkeyes men’s basketball team? Who’s to blame for what has happened? Has Todd Lickliter’s rocky tenure at Iowa started its final descent to freefall?

Article up on

MEN'S BB: VanLaere Vlog - Iowa vs. SCSU Preview/Prediction up on

My preview/prediction for the upcoming game vs. South Carolina State is up on

Monday, December 14, 2009

OT: The Top 10 Worst Christmas Songs of All-Time (REVISITED)

Back by popular demand, here are the Top 10 worst Christmas songs of all-time.


I haven't revised the list yet, but I am always open for suggestions.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

MEN'S BB: Iowa Basketball Will Be Better Than You Think PART SIX OF EIGHT (JARRYD COLE)

In an eight part series written for, I am out to prove Iowa Hawkeye Basketball will be better thank you think.

Part SIX is up:

If you missed the other articles in the series, here are they are:


Parts 7 and 8 to follow...

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

FOOTBALL: Iowa Holds Firm at #4 in the Latest GRI Rating

GRI (Gade Ratings Index) - 11/4/09

RankTeamPointsLastThis Week
1.Florida (10)162
vs Vanderbilt
2.Alabama (5)149


vs LSU
3.Texas (2)144


vs UCF

vs Northwestern


at Stanford


vs UConn


at San Diego State
8.Boise State62


at La Tech
9.Georgia Tech 30


vs Wake Forest


at Alabama
Dropped Out: USC (5).

Also Receiving Votes: Penn State 22, Pittsburgh 2, Utah 1.

About the GRI: The GRI has been successfully ranking college football teams for 5+ years. The GRI consists of voters from across the nation. Currently at least one of our voters represents the following regions: Midwest, West Coast, Southwest and Atlantic Coast. The first GRI is released each year on the Wednesday after Big Ten Conference play has started. It is then released on a weekly basis for the rest of the regular season. The GRI continues to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to unbiased, comprehensive college football rankings.

Friday, October 30, 2009

MEN'S BB: Iowa Basketball Will Be Better Than You Think PART FIVE OF EIGHT (STRENGTH)

In an eight part series written for, I am out to prove Iowa Hawkeye Basketball will be better thank you think.

Part FIVE is up:

If you missed the other articles in the series, here are they are:


Parts 6-8 to follow...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

FOOTBALL: MSU's Jeremy Ware's Helmet to Helmet Hit on Iowa's Colin Sandeman

It was the right call by the officials, no matter how long it took for the flag to come in.
I don't know how any self respecting football fan can not see that this was a blantant H2H.

Here's the video.

Here's the screenshot.

It's pretty obvious, folks.

Ware should be given a 1 game suspension from the Big Ten, while the Big Ten Network should suspend Wayne Larrivee for his lack of knowledge and the way he approached the hit. If Coleman from Ohio State was given a suspension, so should Ware.

Check the rules
introduced a separate rule prohibiting initiating contact with and targeting a
defenseless opponent (Rule 9-1-3).
The following are situations in which defenseless players are susceptible to
serious injury:
• The quarterback moving down the line of scrimmage who has handed or
pitched the ball to a teammate, and then makes no attempt to participate
further in the play;
• The kicker who is in the act of kicking the ball, or who has not had a
reasonable length of time to regain his balance after the kick;
• The passer who is in the act of throwing the ball, or who has not had a
reasonable length of time to participate in the play again after releasing the
• The pass receiver whose concentration is on the ball;
• The pass receiver who has clearly relaxed when the pass is no longer
• The kick receiver whose attention is on the downward flight of the ball;
• The kick receiver who has just touched the ball;
• The player who has relaxed once the ball has become dead; and
• The player who is obviously out of the play.
These players are protected by rules that have been in place for many years. It
is of the utmost importance that participants, coaches and game officials carefully
and diligently observe safety rules.
Intentional helmet-to-helmet contact is never legal, nor is any other blow directed toward an opponent’s head.
Flagrant offenders shall be disqualified.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It's Badger Week. BHGP already put up the mandatory Badger video.

Here's my version, complete with our favorite coach playing the role of the snake.


Poor Quality YouTube Version:

FOOTBALL: GRI Released, Iowa Moves Up to 7th


GRI (Gade Ratings Index) - 10/14/09

RankTeamPointsLastThis Week
1.Florida (12)173
vs Arkansas
2.Alabama (6)164


vs South Carolina


vs Oklahoma
4.Virginia Tech117


at Georgia Tech


at Notre Dame
6.Boise State 65


at Tulsa


at Wisconsin
8.Ohio State51


at Purdue


at South Florida
10.Miami (FL)28


at UCF
Dropped Out: LSU (4).

Also Receiving Votes: LSU 27, Oregon 21, TCU 8.

Friday, October 09, 2009

MEN'S BB: Fantastic ESPN Story about Former Iowa Hawkeye Jake Kelly

ESPN's Dana O'Neil writes about Jake Kelly's transfer from Iowa to Indiana State. In the article, people unfamiliar with the situation will come to understand why Jake left, as well as what type of man Coach Lickliter is.

Jake Kelly and Dad
Photo courtesy of Bob Kelly

Iowa fans were there Jake when he lost his mother, I would encourage them to support him with the Sycamores, as well. This Hawk fan will be.

Good luck, Jake!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

FOOTBALL: Latest GRI Poll is out - Iowa is at #10 this week

It's Wednesday and we all know what that means, the Gade Ratings Index is released.

This week's ratings are below


GRI (Gade Ratings Index) - 10/07/09

RankTeamPointsLastThis Week
1.Florida (11)172
at LSU
2.Alabama (7)163


at Ole Miss


vs Colorado
4.LSU 105


vs Florida


6.Virginia Tech 82


vs Boston College
7.Boise State67


8.Ohio State38


vs Wisconsin




vs Michigan
Dropped Out: Oklahoma (8).

Also Receiving Votes: Miami (FL) 25, Oregon 13, TCU 11, Auburn 7, NC State 1.

About the GRI: The GRI has been successfully ranking college football teams for 5+ years. The GRI consists of voters from across the nation. Currently at least one of our voters represents the following regions: Midwest, West Coast, Southwest and Atlantic Coast. The first GRI is released each year on the Wednesday after Big Ten Conference play has started. It is then released on a weekly basis for the rest of the regular season. The GRI continues to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to unbiased, comprehensive college football rankings.

Monday, October 05, 2009

FOOTBALL: Why Tate Forcier will Struggle Against the Iowa Hawkeyes

Some basic stats to project Tate Forcier's struggles in the upcoming Oct 10th Iowa game.

Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier's picked pass in overtime led to a Michigan State win. But the freshman was the force behind two fourth-quarter drives that tied the game.   (RASHAUN RUCKER/Detroit Free Press)

Listed stats are:
Pass Efficiency Defense
Total Defense
Scoring Defense

Take a look at the defenses (specifically pass defenses) that Forcier has played against.


Western Michigan
PE D - 79th
Total D - 89th
Scoring D - 71st

Notre Dame
PE D - 76th
Total D - 96th
Scoring D - 58th

Eastern Michigan
PE D - 6th
Total D - 72nd
Scoring D - 99th
EM is 6th in PE, but Forcier was only 7/13 for 68 yards because the game was in hand.

PE D - 86th
Total D - 46th
Scoring D - 63rd

Michigan St
PE D - 101st
Total D - 49th
Scoring D - 64th


Now, look what he faces this Saturday -

PE D - 4th
Total D - 32nd
Scoring D - 10th

And Tate Forcier has yet to win a game on the road.

Forcier has been pretty good so far. He makes freshman mistakes, though, and Iowa will capitalize on those.

Forcier hasn't played away from home in a stadium like Kinnick with fans like Iowa's.

Forcier hasn't seen a defense remotely as good as Iowa will bring on Saturday.

I think the frosh has supreme talent and potential, but he'll be shell shocked coming into Kinnick - not only because of the environment, but because of what the D will be bringing at him.

UM's hope will be on the ground in this one.

Iowa will handle Forcier, and the Wolverines, this Saturday.

MEN'S BB: ESPN/Sagarin puts the Iowa Basketball Program 10th All-Time in the Nation

Iowa has never been an elite program? Think again...

Iowa 10th all-time.

Pretty impressive.

Eight Big Ten teams in the Top 15; Five Big Ten teams in the Top 10.

Monday, September 14, 2009

FOOTBALL: Thoughts on the Iowa Hawkeyes Going into the Arizona game

The depth chart was released today....

WR ....... 7 McNutt , 15 Johnson-Koulianos
LT ......... 79 Bulaga, 77 Reiff
LG ........ 78 Richardson, 73 Gettis, 68 Kuempel
C ......... 52 Eubanks, 67 Koeppel
RG ........ 63 Vandervelde, 74 Doering
RT ........ 60 Calloway, 56 Zusevics
TE ......... 81 Moeaki, 82 Reisner
QB ........ 12 Stanzi, 16 Vandenberg/14 Wienke
WR ....... 86 Stross, 26 Chaney, Jr.
RB ........ 32 Robinson, 3 Wegher
FB ......... 36 Morse, 47 Leppert

DE ........ 94 Clayborn, 58 Daniel
DT ........ 95 Klug, 61 Meade
DT ........ 46 Ballard, 93 Daniels
DE ........ 91 Binns, 64 Hundertmark
OLB ...... 49 Edds, 45 T. Nielsen
MLB ..... 43 Angerer, 48 T. Johnson
WLB ..... 42 Hunter, 33 Tarpinian
LC ......... 10 Lowe, 28 Prater
SS ......... 9 Sash, 31 Cato
FS ......... 30 Greenwood, 20 Conklin
RC ........ 19 Spievey, 2 Casti llo
PT ......... 5 Donahue, 6 Guthrie
PK ........ 1 Murray, 8 Mossbrucker

My thoughts:
1.) That offensive line is killer. I love it! I love it! I love it! I hope that five can go all year with Reiff get some spot minutes at OT.

2.) Iowa's WR Corps is FANTASTIC. I think it is easily Ferentz's best squad he has ever had at Iowa. Easily.

3.) Does anyone really think Prater won't get most of the minutes on Sat? I think he will. Although, give Lowe credit, he looked good vs. ISU.

4.) Our safeties are pretty seasoned for their age. Almost like having Jovon Johnson and Antwan back there, but with more talent. Greenwood is to Allen and Sash is to Johnson. Obviously not a perfect comparison as two player CB and the other two played S, but it still will lead to stability in the backfield.

5.) I don't have any problem with Robinson ahead of Wegher. He didn't do anything to lose carries last game. Averaged (I think) something like 5 YPC and held onto the ball, what else do you need? Split carries between the two freshman will help them make it through the season... it's a long one.

6.) Our TE squad is stacked too. Without taking time to look, I'd say Iowa's TE squad is best in the Big Ten for sure.

7.) Stanzi has the weapons, he needs to know how to fire them accurately now!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

MEN'S BB: First Glance at the New White Basketball Uniforms

No Script wording on them unfortunately, but here's a look at them.

Asst Coach, Joel Cornette, put a goal out there that when he hit 200 Followers on Twitter, he would post the pic.

Why not Script font next time?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

FOOTBALL: Discover ISUISU.COM: Iowa State Fans are Already Looney... Oh Boy

9/12 Iowa (2008 record: 8-4, 2008 result Iowa 17 Iowa St 5) – It would appear that both offenses are going to have big advantages over the defenses. Iowa State, with the spread offense, should have luck moving the ball down the field against a defense that will be missing its top two DB’s for the contest. The Hawkeyes will play a 4-3 defense that the Cyclones should be able to exploit. Iowa has a very good offensive line and should be able to lean on an undersized ISU front seven. However, the Hawks will most likely be missing OL starter Julian Vandervelde and the RB’s are still unproven. The Cyclones have won the last two against Iowa at Jack Trice and Iowa is team that gets better as the season moves along.
Prediction: Iowa State 30 Iowa 28
Win (55% chance of victory)

Ok, let's get this straight.... a team that had 10 losses last year (a current 10 game losing streak mind you), went winless in the Big XII, has a new coach/new system has a 55% chance to beat a nationally ranked Iowa team coming off a News Years bowl win, having won 6 out of their last 7 games.

Look, I know... I know... Iowa plays like donkey crap against ISU, especially in Jack Trice stadium. However, some of this stuff is just ridiculous.
  • First things first, Iowa was 9-4 last year, not 8-4.
  • ISU's offense will have an advantage over Iowa's D? The same Iowa D that is arguably the best defense in the entire Big Ten?
  • Iowa will be missing its top 2 DBs? Is this foresight to say Amari Speivey will be injured? How often do spread offenses exploit Iowa's 4-3? Better do some research on that one too.
  • And the post says Julian is out, so supposedly that's going to have some affect on the line's play... huh? JV is a very nice lineman, but Iowa is deeper than the Pacific Ocean at OL. Seriously.
Wait, wait there's more... check out the About Us page.

So... what exactly is that dude pointing? Hmmm.......

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MEN'S BB: 2010 Iowa Basketball Recruits All Ranked in Top 175 per Gibbons

Link courtesy of Jonathon Brust (jdbrust on Twitter).

All 4 of 2010 Iowa BB recruits in Gibbons top 175!
Larson #103, Brust #136, McCabe #150, Marble #161

Friday, August 14, 2009

MEN'S BB: Iowa Basketball Will Be Better Than You Think PART FOUR OF EIGHT (ANTHONY TUCKER)

In an eight part series written for, I am out to prove Iowa Hawkeye Basketball will be better thank you think.

Part Four (Anthony Tucker) is up on

Read it HERE

Monday, July 27, 2009

OT: BREWSTER GOOGLES - Be the first to own a pair!

Ever wonder what it must be like to see past what's truly in front of you? To be able to live on another level? To exist in another state of mind?

Throughout the past few years, Big Ten fans have witnessed Tim Brewster's infamous hype-machine. It's obvious he sees things that simple folk just can't see. He's just that much more in tune than everyone else.

Now, for a limited time, you too can see what Tim Brewster sees with the all-new BREWSTER GOOGLES! WOOOOOOOOO!

There are literally millions of uses for the Brewster Googles; some examples include:

Player Talent Comparisons!

Intrawebs Fun!

Past Games!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

MEN'S BB: Full game video of Iowa Commit, Cody Larson (AAU Reebok AA Camp)

Follow THIS LINK - Click on D-One vs. Dakota Schoolers on the right hand pane.

Larson is #34 in the white.

Thanks to hawkfaninboston for the heads up.

Of the 4 recruits verballed to the Hawkeyes for the 2010 class, Larson still remains my favorite to make the most impact.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MEN'S BB: Coach Joel Cornette is Now on Twitter

Iowa Hawkeye Assistant Basketball Coach - Joel Cornette - @joelcornette is now on Twitter.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MEN'S BB: Coach LaVall Jordan is Now on Twitter

Iowa Assistant Men's BB Coach, LaVall Jordan, is now on Twitter.

Linky Link

Friday, July 17, 2009

MEN'S BB: F Zach McCabe from Heelan Verbals to the Iowa Hawkeyes

As reported by Rob Howe on, Zach McCabe has given the Iowa Basketball Staff his verbal commitment. The verbal rounds out the 2010 class, which includes Larson, Marble, and Brust. Coach Lickliter had four targets for the 2010 class and he landed all four... something that is just GREAT to see.

McCabe, a two-sport stud out of Heelan and former teammate of current Hawk Brennan Cougill, recently did very well at an AAU tournament. Offers began pouring in, and some fans were worried that Iowa had lost its chance to land him.

Zach is a legit 6'6" who has range, but can also finish around the basket. He has decent hands and ball-handling for his height. Last summer, McCabe was out of the spotlight, as the #1 ranked player in the land, Harrison Barnes, was the main man on All-Iowa Attack. This summer, however, scouts have seen what McCabe can bring to the table.

According to a source up here in Minnesota, McCabe is one of the best shooters in the nation. on-barnes-writes-diary-f.html

When Barnes left his All-Iowa Attack AAU team this summer to play for Howard Pulley, it was a blessing in disguise for Sioux City wing Zach McCabe, who proved to be one of the best shooters in the country. He recently picked up an offer from Minnesota, Virginia, Utah and Arizona State this week.

How Long Until the NCAA Bans Twitter?

From an Indy Star Article:

Twitter time

Several players on the Spiece Indy Stars 15-and-under team have taken to Twitter and have quickly developed a following. Jeremy Hollowell, a 6-6 sophomore-to-be from Lawrence Central, had 222 followers as of Thursday.

Spiece teammates Austin Burgett, Ron Patterson and Kellon Thomas all have accounts, as does coach Chris Hawkins.

"A lot of the college coaches are on there," Hollowell said. "I like having it on my phone because I can do it anywhere."

Hollowell took a visit to Indiana University earlier this month and has an unofficial visit to Purdue scheduled for Aug. 1. He previously had scholarship offers from Cincinnati and Iowa, and on Thursday Illinois, Tennessee, Ohio State and Xavier offered, said Hawkins.

Will this force Lickliter to get a Twitter Account? Will he need it to compete with TomCrean for Hollowell's services?

If coaches are able to talk to recruits basically by texting, isn't that illegal? It certainly is a grey area. Not sure how long the NCAA lets this go.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

MEN'S BB: Iowa Basketball Will Be Better Than You Think PART THREE OF EIGHT (EUROPE AND DR. TOM)

In an eight part series written for, I am out to prove Iowa Hawkeye Basketball will be better thank you think.

Part Three (EUROPE AND DR. TOM) is up on

Read it HERE

MEN'S BB: Iowa Basketball Will Be Better Than You Think PART TWO OF EIGHT (MATT GATENS)

In an eight part series written for, I am out to prove Iowa Hawkeye Basketball will be better thank you think.

Part Two is up on

Read it HERE

Friday, July 10, 2009

MEN'S BB: Iowa Basketball Will Be Better Than You Think PART ONE OF EIGHT

In an eight part series written for, I am out to prove Iowa Hawkeye Basketball will be better thank you think.

Part one is up on

Thursday, July 02, 2009

MEN'S BB: Roy Marble, Jr Commits to Iowa

Rob Howe of Hawkeyenation has confirmed that Roy Marble, Jr. has committed to play basketball for Coach Lickliter and the Iowa Hawkeyes.

This leaves Iowa with one more scholarship for the 2010 class, where Iowa hopes to sign Zach McCabe.

More to come...

MEN'S BB: Hawkeyes Land SG Ben Brust 2010 Recruit

The message boards, Twitter accounts, Facebook statuses lit up from the Iowa media and fans yesterday when it was made known that the Iowa Hawkeye Men's Basketball Program had received its second commitment for the 2010 class in Ben Brust. Brust, a 6'2" shooting guard out of Mundelein, IL, is the second consecutive recruit for Iowa out of the Chicagoland area (Cully Payne being the other one). Brust is a SG with deep range, great BB IQ, and underrated defensive skills. Links to many article below.

Ben Brust Makes it Official

“It is official … I’m going to be Hawkeye,” Brust told me. "I did all my homework, and I know this is what the right place,” he said. “It’s a great college town, the atmosphere … academically it’s what I’m looking for in a school." Brust, a 6-foot-2 incoming senior at Mundelein High School, averaged 28 points a game last year as a high school junior before breaking his leg. He said he’s completely healed from that injury.

Iowa lands a good one in Brust
Iowa, though, is the fortunate one, landing Brust before he potentially played himself up during July. While Brust is not in the category of difference-maker, he is a step up for the program and is underrated nationally. He's a 6-2 scorer who is more bouncy and athletic than most people give him credit it for. And he puts the ball in the hole, both as a shooter, off the bounce and as a slasher. He's a multi-faceted scorer who will certainly provide a lift for an Iowa program that finished 5-13 in the Big Ten last season.
Brust opts for the Big Ten
There is no question that Brust is one of the premier shooters in the state of Illinois and just might be the best that there is from the class of 2010. He has range that extends well beyond the 3-point line, a quick release and the ability to get his shot either spotting up or coming off the dribble. However, there are also other parts of Brust's game that get taken for granted. For one, he is much more athletic than a lot of people give him credit for. He has also greatly improved his ball handling skills. To top it all off, he is also an outstanding student and a gym rat with a work ethic that is second to none.
Hawks Add Guard
Brust verbally committed to the Hawkeyes Wednesday, selecting Iowa over scholarship offers from Northwestern and Butler. Brust said Stanford had shown interest and was beginning to study his transcripts when he settled on the Hawkeyes, joining Sioux Falls, S.D., forward Cody Larson in Iowa's 2010 recruiting class. He'll also join Payne -- they have been buddies since middle school when they met through basketball in the Chicago suburbs -- in the Iowa backcourt when Brust arrives on campus.
Brust Says Yes to Hawkeyes (subscription required)
Iowa landed it's second commitment in the 2010 class when Illinois product Ben Brust chose the Hawkeyes on Wednesday.
Video from Ben's injury shortened 2008-09 junior year:

Good luck to Ben and welcome to the Iowa family!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

OT: Tom Crean - Great Coach, Awful on Twitter

Apparently there are two types of coaches on Twitter.

1.) A coach that is just great on Twitter (great being a large blanket adjective that you can construe any way you want), yet just awful at actual coaching. Examples: Tim Brewster, Ron Zook.

2.) A coach that is just awful on Twitter, yet great at actual coaching. Example: Tom Crean.

Not only does Coach Crean incorrectly use homonyms (are/our, your/you're) on a regular basis and forget modifiers (like... say... "not"), but he Tweets about reality TV. Brewster and Zook's Twits are pure comedy for several reasons (head to BHGP for the breakdown), yet Crean's just make me cringe.

I realize Twitter isn't the place for the Grammar Police, but you have to step back and look at what you are putting out their [sic] for your recruits. Because we all know these Twitter accounts are nothing but "legal" forms of communication to potential college athletes.

I am still dreading the day Lickliter and Ferentz are forced to open their Twitter accounts.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Men's BB: 2009 Primetime League Draft Results

2009 Prime Time League Rosters

1. Jill Armstrong/Lepic Kroger Realtors
Coach: Dan Ahrens
Matt Gatens – Iowa
Matt Schneiderman – UNI
John Moran – UNI
Nick Kramer – ex. Upper Iowa
Aliou Keita – ex. Drake
Matt Morrison – UNI
Adam Rodenberg – UNI
Tay Parker – ex. Iowa Lakes C.C.
Nick McFarlin – ex. Radford College
Jonathan Burnett – ex. Uni. of Windsor

2. L.L. Pelling/Iowa City Ready Mix
Coach: Kevin Sanders
Jarryd Cole – Iowa
Devon Archie – Iowa
Duez Henderson – ex. Iowa
Jason Price – ex. Iowa
Dallas Hodges – ex. Wayne St.
Michael LaFrenz – Upper Iowa
Rodney Jackson – ex. Kirkwood C.C.
Caleb Recker – ex. Iowa
Austin Pehl – UNI
Gemayal Randell – ex. Parkland College
Don Stokes – ex. DuSable H.S.

3. Culver’s of Coralville
Coach: Ron Nove
Adam Koch – UNI
Ali Farokhmanesh – UNI
Kaylon Williams – Kirkwood C.C.
Brad Joens – ex. Wayne St.
Andrew Brommer – Iowa
Riley Larson – ex. Cornell
Nick Larson – ex. Upper Iowa
Jerome Edwards – ex. Iowa Westland
Keaton Frye – Uni. Of Dubuque
E.J. Hicks – Indian Hills C.C.

4. Mike Gatens Real Estate/McCurry’s
Coach: Randy Larson
Jordan Eglseder – UNI
Kyle Schlaak – ex. Winona St.
Eric May – Iowa
Matt Lesan – Upper Iowa
Malcom Moore – ex. I.C. City High
Brian Haak – UNI
Jordan Stoermer – ex. Kirkwood C.C.
Keith Steffeck – Upper Iowa
John Lickliter – Iowa
Jordan Bontrager – I.C. West

5. Imprinted Sportswear/Goodfellow Printing
Coach: Kevin Lehman
Eric Coleman – ex. UNI
Aaron Fuller – Iowa
Cully Payne – Iowa
Devan Bawinkle – Iowa
Clayton Vette – Winona St.
Anthony James – UNI
Marc Sonnen – UNI
Antonio Jones – UNI
Alex Novak – Morehead St.
Dan Bestul – Upper Iowa

6. Vinton Merchants
Coach: Ray Swetalla
Anthony Tucker – Iowa
Darryl Moore – ex. Iowa
Brennan Cougill – Iowa
Dain Swetalla – ex. Augustana
Kerwin Dunham – UNI
Nate Garner – ex. Evansville
Jake Koch – UNI
Bryce Brunz – Central Missouri
Mark Lafrenz – Upper Iowa
Tucker Wentzien – Upper Iowa

Areas of Note:
  • Only 6 teams this year
  • If the roster order is by round (highly likely):
    Cully Payne drafted before Devan Bawinkle.
    Devan Archie drafted early.
    Tuck drafted first round.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

OT: What's Tom Crean Doing? Oh, Nothing... Just Watching the Real Housewives

Coach Crean loves him some reality TV.

(Pic pops)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MEN'S BB: Hawkeye Win in Europe; Defeat Basket Ferentino

Iowa State University

By looking at the boxscore, it appears Jarryd Cole had his way a couple of days ago against Basket Ferentino. The Hawkeyes didn't shoot the ball particularly well from behind the arc, but the guys did well cleaning up the boards.

Score by period 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total
Iowa Hawkeyes 27 13 24 14 78
Basket Ferentino 12 19 16 11 58

Next up, is the Greece Senior team, not to be confused with this Greek team of Seniors.

Friday, May 22, 2009

MEN'S BB: Video on the Europe Trip and Player Shortage

Good little video clip here. Cool to see Justin Johnson come back to help out, as well.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

MEN'S BB: Don't Be Surprised if Greg Heiar Ends Up w Larry Eustachy

Eustachy looking to spread the recruiting love, as well.

First, it was news that Chipola forward, Torye Pelham was headed to S. Mississippi.
Then yesterday, on the final day of the spring signing period, Chipola forward, Gary Flowers signs with S. Mississippi.

Scott Dochterman hinted at this last month, and with the Flowers commit, it seems imminent that Chipola Head Coach, Greg Heiar will be coaching with Eustachy next season.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MEN'S BB: Matt Gatens is Iowa Freshman of the Year

Per the Daily Iowan.

In other news, ice is cold and raccoons look like little thieves.

Monday, May 11, 2009

MEN'S BB: PG transfer from Oregon, Makes Room for Malcolm Armstead

Alright then... looks like the commit to Oregon was a bit premature, but when it was all said and done Armstead will likely be a Duck.

PG Kamyron Brown is transferring.

MEN'S BB: Iowa Basketball Will Be Better Than You Think

Honestly... the Starting Five isn't half bad


The Hawkeyes are going to be in trouble in the depth dept, but if any of the incoming recruits can give Iowa good minutes, this team isn't as bad as some people want to make it out to be.

Also, Brommer can only get better. Cougill suddenly went from one of the better centers in the nation (holding his own against the nation's best on the AAU circuit last summer) to "fans" saying he's not Big Ten material. Gatens is going to be better (All-Big Ten better) and we didn't get to see all that Tucker can do on the offensive side of the ball (he'll surprise EVERYONE next season). Cole might be 100% now (you saw what he could do when he was).

In-depth breakdown of next year's team in the next few months...

Friday, May 08, 2009

MEN'S BB: OK, Armstead not heading to Oregon - yet

First he's going to Oregon.

In other point guard news, Malcolm Armstead of Chipola (Fla.) Junior College signed with Oregon.

“Yes,” Chipola coach Greg Heiar said in a text.

Then he's not. Or is he?

Armstead's recruitment has been one of the weirdest developments I have seen in a long time. From at once being a silent verbal to Iowa, to signing with St Johns, to signing with Seton Hall, to signing with Oregon, to who the hell knows?


MEN'S BB: Jeff Peterson Finds a Home at Arkansas

Former starting point guard for the Iowa Hawkeyes, Jeff Peterson, is headed to Arkansas.

Interesting move by Peterson considering the Razorbacks already have Courtney Fortson on the team (proven stud) and Julysses Nobles committed (future stud). If Jeff is transferring for increased playing time, it's not happening at Arkansas, that's for sure.

Monday, May 04, 2009

MEN'S BB: Malcolm Armstead Chooses Oregon

I'm not one to put much merit into what people say on MySpace or Facebook, however if Mac's status is legit, Ernie Kent just picked up a big time PG for the Oregon Ducks.

"Malcolm Armstead is headed to OREGON next yr so stop having these recruitment sites call me its over... I just told the world lol bout time it feels good now."

Personally, I'm happy for Armstead. I think he had a hard time with the recruitment process and he had a lot of people in his ear telling him what they thought he should do.

With Malik Stith signing with St. John's and Moore signing with Washington State, it was only a matter of time before Armstead went with Oregon.

Plenty of rumors and insider information on what went down with Iowa's recruitment of the JUCO PG. Personally, I think Lickliter and the staff blew this one. Iowa needed help at the guard position desperately. Of course, if Malcolm didn't fit Lickliter's style (see Tony Freeman), then I understand why the recruitment ceased. Regardless, I put this one down as a miss for the staff.

Recruitment needs to pick up something fierce - where's Roy Marble when you need him? I think he'd look good in the DBO position at Iowa.

FOOTBALL: Bucs Glad To Grab Bruggeman

Former Iowa center Rob Bruggeman is attempting to make Tampa Bay's 53-man roster (Cliff Welch)

Former Iowa center Rob Bruggeman is attempting to make Tampa Bay's 53-man roster (Cliff Welch)

Former Iowa center Rob Bruggeman was targeted by the Bucs in the seventh round. But when the team traded away one of its three seventh-round picks to move up in the fourth round to get Kyle Moore, Tampa Bay had to resort to signing Bruggeman as an undrafted free agent and the team thinks it has a steal.

Read more here:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

FOOTBALL: Did you know Bobby Bell is the "Greatest Defensive Player of All-Time"?

Well, according to Tim Brewster he is.

OK, Bell was good (strike that - GREAT), but to say the best defensive player of all-time? Really? Put down the juice, Brew.

Even if Brewster meant "Greatest [Minnesota Golden Gopher] Defensive Player of All-Time", I still would call him on it. Hell, I'd put Bronko Nagurski ahead of Bell. Sure, he made his living on offense, but he was a beast on defense, as well.

One thing is for certain, Brewster is... uh... excited...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MEN'S BB: Steve Alford Tries to Spin, Ends Up Doing a 360

Props to Hockey04 for the link to the story, topingyou for pointing out the quote.

FoxSports reports on Alford's incentives.

Forget the fact that former Iowa Hawkeye Mens Basketball coach, Steve Alford, gets paid $10,000 for each time his team beats a Top 20 team. Instead, check out the way he tries to spin the academic successes of his players.

"Our academic situation has taken a 360-degree turn and all three seniors graduate (this spring), and Ro (junior Roman Martinez) will graduate next year. So we've really made a lot of strides in the areas I was hired."

Really? A 360-degree turn? Perhaps Steve needs to head back to grammar school and figure out where a 360-degrees puts you.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

MEN'S BB: Who Is Iowa's Primary Target for 2009 Now?

With Malcolm Armstead likely out of the mix after "postponing" his visit to Iowa City, who does Iowa look at to bring in with one of their three outstanding scholarships available? By all accounts, Armstead's trip to St. John's went extremely well; couple that with a lack of communication between the staff and MA and things don't look too good for Iowa on that front.

Iowa needs to grab a backcourt player this year. I realize the staff doesn't want to just pick a warm body for the sake of filling a scholarship, but the backcourt needs some help. Not necessarily a point guard (Payne and Tucker can both handle that position), but either a 1 or 2. I don't think Iowa can really compete with only three scholarship guards on the team. Besides Armstead, I don't know of anyone else in the 2009 class that has a current scholarship.

One name floating around is Kaylon Williams, but as I've said before - he isn't ready for Iowa and Iowa isn't ready for him. A possible destination could be Kirkwood - maybe after a year there, the staff will give him another look and vice versa.

Dyricus Simms-Edwards visited Iowa last year and the staff liked what they saw. He was banged up last summer, so he didn't play much on the AAU circuit, but from what I've read on recruiting sites and blogs, he has legit game.

Kierre Greenwood's name was brought up when New Creations played SCC in game this past season. The Iowa staff was down there to look at some recruits and ended up bring impressed with his game. First hand accounts of his game seem to be encouraging. I don't know anything about this kid other than what I have Googled in the past - there wasn't much talk about him among anyone I have talked to.

So the short answer to who Iowa is recruiting at PG? Who the hell knows?

Thursday, April 09, 2009

MEN'S BB: As expected, 2009 PG Cully Payne Commits to Iowa

Rob Howe has confirmed that Cully Payne has verbally committed to the Iowa Hawkeye basketball program.

Iowa fills a much need roster spot with a much needed PG.

Iowa is still pursuing Malcolm Armstead, who will be making a visit to Iowa shortly.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MEN'S BB: Iowa Basketball Recruiting Heating Up

With just over two weeks left before the spring signing period, recruiting has really started to heat up for those programs with scholarships to fill. Iowa would just happen to be one of those programs wanting to do just that, considering they just lost four of their players before they were expected to leave.

So what's happening on the scene? A lot. Some of it we know about, much of it we don't. Here's some of the latest information.


If this name sounds familiar to those of you who follow Iowa Hawkeye Basketball recruiting, it's because the Iowa staff heavily recruited Cully after he decommitted from DePaul his junior year. At that time Iowa was one of the Top 3 for Payne's services, but ultimately he chose Alabama. Things changed, however, when Mark Gottfried stepped down from his coaching duties for the Crimson Tide. Bama went on to hire VCU's Anthony Grant and just recently Payne was allowed out of his LOI. That throws him back on the market. Washington State was another player in Payne's recruitment, however Tony Bennett has left that school for Virginia. It would seem that Iowa is in good shape with him. Payne will be in town tomorrow for visit, where a commitment isn't totally out of the question at this part of the game.

I am, by no means, trying to pimp, but if you aren't a paying member of the site, this would be the month to jump on board. Rob Howe has been doing a great job getting in touch with the recruits, and he has a gem of a interview with Cully Payne.

Rob Howe's Interview w/ Cully Payne (3/31): AUDIO - TRANSCRIPT

More info on Payne from ESPN - Definitely a recruit that fits what Iowa is looking for.

Cully injured his back this winter, so hopefully that isn't a chronic injury.

Don't be surprised if the coaching staff had this in play for some time, Payne's AAU coach has been quoted saying that Cully had made his decision a while ago.


Still being told that Mac is the #1 priority for Iowa, and I don't blame them. They were recruiting him before they lost the services of Kelly, Peterson, and Davis. Now it's even more important for the staff to reel in a talented point guard. And while Payne might be able to fill that role, Iowa's backcourt is pretty limited with only Anthony Tucker and Devan Bawinkel returning. Someone with the speed and skills that Armstead possesses is exactly who the Hawks need in their lineup.

There are several guards to keep an eye on during the next few weeks leading up to the signing period. Their decisions could effect what Armstead decides to do. Rico Pickett and Melvin Goins are two JUCOs that both Tennessee and Kentucky are involved in (these schools are also looking at Armstead). Today, Goins committed to Tennessee, so that should effectively eliminate Bruce Pearl from landing Armstead. Kentucky is in the middle of a coaching change, so that, too, will help out Iowa. Julysses Nobles is another name to remember. Arkansas is looking at him for PG. If he commits, I don't see room for Armstead especially with Courtney Fortson on the team already. He is reportedly supposed to pick his school tonight, hopefully it will be Arkansas. Then it will likely be down to Iowa vs. Providence and a few other Big East and SEC schools for Armstead's services.

I thought it would hurt Iowa the longer it took, but with the way these other recruits are committing, it's actually helping Iowa, in my opinion.

If Iowa could land Armstead, they would have a starter at PG for the next three years.


He's still on the radar, but I personally don't buy the fact that he and Armstead are a package deal. I'm not saying the two aren't tight, they did play prep ball together and now at Chipola, but it's pretty hard to find a college that has two spots open for two JUCOs in the spring signing period. I'd love for Iowa to be that college, though. That said, I don't think they end up at the same school. Iowa can definitely use an athletic forward who can get up a la Doug Thomas.

Missouri has come knocking and with the style of play they have going on down there, it would seem like a logical fit for Pelham.


PG who was thought to have been destined to go the prep school route has seen a bunch of offers come his way. Another Florida guard recruit possibility. Very slight of build, but has good skills. I just recently received this info from a friend and haven't looked into it much. Not even sure Iowa is really going after him, but it's a name that's out there. He may have to go prep route to refine his game and get stronger, though.