Monday, October 05, 2009

FOOTBALL: Why Tate Forcier will Struggle Against the Iowa Hawkeyes

Some basic stats to project Tate Forcier's struggles in the upcoming Oct 10th Iowa game.

Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier's picked pass in overtime led to a Michigan State win. But the freshman was the force behind two fourth-quarter drives that tied the game.   (RASHAUN RUCKER/Detroit Free Press)

Listed stats are:
Pass Efficiency Defense
Total Defense
Scoring Defense

Take a look at the defenses (specifically pass defenses) that Forcier has played against.


Western Michigan
PE D - 79th
Total D - 89th
Scoring D - 71st

Notre Dame
PE D - 76th
Total D - 96th
Scoring D - 58th

Eastern Michigan
PE D - 6th
Total D - 72nd
Scoring D - 99th
EM is 6th in PE, but Forcier was only 7/13 for 68 yards because the game was in hand.

PE D - 86th
Total D - 46th
Scoring D - 63rd

Michigan St
PE D - 101st
Total D - 49th
Scoring D - 64th


Now, look what he faces this Saturday -

PE D - 4th
Total D - 32nd
Scoring D - 10th

And Tate Forcier has yet to win a game on the road.

Forcier has been pretty good so far. He makes freshman mistakes, though, and Iowa will capitalize on those.

Forcier hasn't played away from home in a stadium like Kinnick with fans like Iowa's.

Forcier hasn't seen a defense remotely as good as Iowa will bring on Saturday.

I think the frosh has supreme talent and potential, but he'll be shell shocked coming into Kinnick - not only because of the environment, but because of what the D will be bringing at him.

UM's hope will be on the ground in this one.

Iowa will handle Forcier, and the Wolverines, this Saturday.


  1. Tate Forcier suffered the same fate just about every quarterback except for Cousins suffered against the Hawkeyes.

  2. That's true. It took until that last drive before Iowa was able to get to Cousins, yet still on 3rd down he was able to stay in the pocket and deliver that strike on the hook and ladder.