Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I Talked with BGHP on Their Latest Podcast

Give it a listen here:


Black Heart Gold Pants

Friday, March 02, 2012

Get Yer Vintage Iowa Basketball Posters Here!

Well you can't get them, but you can look at them.  My awesome aunt and uncle bestowed upon me some of their old school Iowa Basketball posters.  Here are some notable ones. Enjoy, Hawkeye fans.

"Superman 15" poster from 88-89 feat Marble, Jepsen, BJ, Earl and more.
The Iowa Hawkeye Monopoly poster feat Kingsbury, Bowen, Settles, etc...
"Jurbassicball Parquet" I'm convinced this poster got Dr. Tom fired for its awful puns.  Gotta love it, though.

"Smooth Operators" poster from 91-92.

Simple, but awesome. BJ, Horton, and Marble.
The remake of the 80-81 poster by the 90-91 team.
The 60 Minutes spoof poster.
89-90 poster w Jepsen throwing it down and Bullard with the pull up. Wade Lookingbill is in the poster, but he pump faked me out of the shot.
Steve Alford "Game Boys" poster from 01-02.  Steve got 5 wins in conference w/ that talent. 
Recker and Evans' 01-02 poster. Anybody. Anywhere. Anytime.
93 Iowa Hawkeye Basketball
That is a whole lot of Mon'ter Glasper right there. 93-94 poster. 

90-91 "Team Iowa". Yes, Paul Lusk, Dale Reed, Brig Tubbs, and Philip Chime were on that team.