Wednesday, February 27, 2008

MEN'S BB: Penn State Post Game - No Call on Freeman's Mugging and Kelly/Tate Highlights

Iowa was robbed tonight. No, Dominique Douglas didn't find more credit cards and Jason Berryman is still trying to spend his previously taken singles. I am talking about the end of the Penn State - Iowa game held tonight in Bryce Jordan.

It was a back and forth battle for the first half, until Iowa went on a run in the 2nd half getting up as much as 12 points. Then some calls started to turn things around, Tate was called for his 4th and 5th fouls in less than a minutes time (both questionable). Once Tate left, Iowa went downhill fast. They couldn't stop Cornley and had no inside presence whatsoever.

Rick Hartzell and his fellow refs did their best to keep things close. As another Hawkeye comrade put it, "It was a tough loss. I guess Hartzell just wanted it more."

Fast forward to the end of the game (forget about the other junk calls throughout the game, Iowa worked their way through them).... PSU's last possession down the court. For whatever reason, the refs call the bucket good and charge Iowa will a foul. It was a marginal foul at best. Bohall nicked the PSU player and was called for the blocking foul. They call that tick-tack foul. VERY tick-tack. Ok, I can live with that call. Fine. If you are going to call that foul in the last 30 seconds of game, ok. Just be consistent. Iowa's next (and final) possession. Freeman drives the lane molested by the Talor Battle, goes up for the shot, and is taken down by Cornley. No foul. Nothing called. Whistles swallowed.

Look, I am a HUGE fan of swallowing the whistle at the end of the games. Unless someone is completely mugged, you have to swallow your whistle. With that in mind, the foul on Bohall should have never been called. Seeing that it was, I have no idea why there wasn't one called on Battle and then again on Cornley.

Just be consistent. That's all I want to see from refs. If you are a bad ref, at least be consistently bad. Refs are installed to be sure no one gains a competitive advantage. They failed in their roles tonight. Rick Hartzell - shame on you. You give the great state of Iowa a bad name. I thought better of you when I attended the University of Northern Iowa and you were the A.D. there. I was wrong then. How the Big Ten lets you continue to ref games is beyond me. I realize it's your only source of income now that you left UNI, but you'd think you would work on your trade in your free time. Guess not. You and your buddy, Steve Skiles, can go ahead and head the bookie to claim your prize.

I put together a video of the final moments of the game:

I am not sure you can look at it any other way.

Some good things came out of the game (kind of)... Kelly played well and Tate was rolling until he got into foul trouble.

Here are some highlight video I made and uploaded to YouTube...

Cyrus Tate Highlights at Penn State:

Iowa has Illinois on Saturday. Let's rock Carver. I'll be there to voice my support.

MEN'S BB: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Penn State Nittany Lions (Take Two) VS.

GAME INFO: Wed., Feb. 27, 2008 - 6:05 PM CST - Bryce Jordan Center; University Park, PA
IOWA: 12-16 (5-10); RPI: 168/ Penn State: 12-14 (4-10); RPI: 159

TV COVERAGE: Big Ten Network (BTN); Matt Devlin and Tim McCormick will call the action.
LINE - Penn State is a 2 point favorite at home.

Cyrus Tate is coming off a very strong week, one strong enough to net him the Big Ten Player of the Week honor. It's my firm belief that he can have the same type of game he had against MSU tonight. PSU is weak inside. The are very much an undermanned team (not unlike Iowa), and give up a lot of size on the blocks. Iowa needs to look to Tate early and often to be sure to avoid any sort of lapse like they did against MSU. Getting Tate involved early, if successful, will open up the shooters from outside. Classic inside-out game should be enough for Iowa against Penn State.

Ed Dechellis has done a fine job of rallying the troops since the injury to their top player, Geary Claxton. Although they have dropped 4 out of 5, they did knock off MSU at home (similar to what Iowa did earlier in the year, although the style of the game differed immensely).

Iowa will need to be on top of their game the next three games in order to have a infinitesimal shot at the 6 seed (and perhaps 5 seed) in the Big Ten tournament. Their run needs to start tonight. It will be a tough game, no doubt about it.

1.) Attitude. Emotion. Drive. This team needs to come out with something to prove and not just go through the actions.
2.) Play within the offense. Work the ball inside-out, getting Tate (leader in FG% in the Big Ten) a lot of looks. Put up the 3s within the offense.
3.) Extend the defense on PSU's guards. Active hands. This includes bodying up Talor Battle, a good looking freshman who can carve up the D.
4.) Play four guards if need be. PSU isn't going to win any height contest, so a lineup like Iowa had during the 2nd half run vs. Northwestern might be the solution.
5.) Work PSU on the boards. Keep a body on Cornley at all times.

Iowa - 61
Penn State - 60

OT: Erin Andrews Exacts Her Revenge

ErinEatIowa.jpg picture by storminspank

OT: Elizabeth Banks is F*cking Seth Rogen

OK, these parodies are a dime a dozen now since Silverman blew up the Internet with her rendition last month.

However, Seth Rogen and Kevin Smith are friggin' money. Here's their "______ is F*cking _____ " sketch.

WARNING - Some awful, awful singing is contain in the video you are about to see. Oh yeah, and the cursing of course... there is cursing.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

OT: Nabisco Just Released Iowa Hawkeye Themed Oreos

It's true.

More info here.

oreo-spring-yellow_-cream-ebay.jpg picture by storminspank

SS_Oreos.jpg picture by storminspank

OT: GopherJim's Animated GIF Spawns a Fark

GopherJim created this animated gif:
BigTenPacManAnimationSmall-1.gif picture by storminspank

Needless to say, it needed an improvement.

I took the liberty of cleaning up that animation.

PackManGophers.gif picture by storminspank

Thanks to bucketochicken's suggestion to change the animation. Although he wanted to see the Illini get puked up, as a resident of Minnesota it had to be done this way.

MEN'S BB: Iowa's Chances For the 6th Seed in the BTT Are Very Slim

Minnesota needs to lose out (7-11).
Iowa needs to win out (8-10).

Iowa has the tiebreaker (as of right now) over Michigan.
Minnesota has the tiebreaker over Iowa.

Also, if tOSU loses out, it could change some things, but that's not going to happen.

FOOTBALL: Apparently Getting a Full-Ride Scholarship Means Nothing Anymore...

KCJJ broke the news early Saturday morning that Arvell Nelson and James Cleveland were in trouble with the law. The Gazette later on confirmed the story. Weed and prescription drugs.

Eric Page talks today about the whereabouts of Dominique Douglass, Cedric Everson, and Abe Satterfield. In the process, revealing more Facebook pics of Douglas (if you missed the first run, they are here).

I guess Domo has a lot of cash lying around, but not enough ($30.02) to pay for a couple DVDs.


So the Iowa Football program continues to take hit after hit (no pun intended, ok maybe a little one) in regards to off-the-field events. I am all about having fun in college; I'll be honest, I probably had a bit too much fun in my time there. However, at some point these guys have to realize they are getting a free-ride to a Big Ten institution. If they succeed on the court/field, they have a shot at something even bigger. If not, they still have a pretty special degree to fall back on.

I don't think some of these guys understand what they have going for them. It's a shame.

Monday, February 25, 2008

OT: Jimmy Kimmel is F*cking Ben Affleck

Jimmy Kimmel is a comedic genius. I thought Silverman's video was awesome, but Jimmy trumps her in this one. Kimmel got a ton of people to help him out and it's just absolutely brilliant.

BHGP: Kirk Ferentz's Twitter Feed

Below is pure genius:

Black Heart Gold Pants

Sunday, February 24, 2008

OT: Oscars 2008 - The Academy Can Suck My Nuts

Transformers lost in all three categories it was nominated for Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Visual Effects.

Boo Academy. Boo.

I might boycott you next year, Oscars. I just might.

On a side note, here's how my ballot turned out:

MEN'S BB: MSU Smacks Down Iowa, but Cyrus Tate Throws One Down Over Drew Naymick

Great game from Cy... an even better dunk.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Men's BB: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Michigan State Spartans (Take Two) VS.

GAME INFO: Sat., Feb. 23, 2008 - 1:00 CST - Breslin Center; East Lansing, MI
IOWA: 12-15 (5-9); RPI: 169 / #17 Michigan State: 21-5 (9-4); RPI: 13

TV COVERAGE: ESPN; Dave O'Brien and Doris Burke will call the action.
LINE - Michigan State is a 15.5 point favorite at home.

The last time Iowa beat Michigan State up in East Lansing, River Phoenix was alive and Unforgiven won the Oscar for best picture... (hint, that's over 15 years ago). Twelve consecutive losses for the Hawks up at the Breslin Center. This year doesn't look to be a change from the norm. Massacres ensued in the Alford Years... 20+ point losses were the standard.

1/29/94 L 84-87 East Lansing, MI
1/7/95 L 68-69 East Lansing, MI
1/20/96 L 60-62 East Lansing, MI
2/12/97 L 67-69 East Lansing, MI
2/7/98 L 64-75 East Lansing, MI
1/21/99 L 65-80 East Lansing, MI
2/18/01 L 70-94 East Lansing, MI
3/2/02 L 79-93 East Lansing, MI
3/5/03 L 54-82 East Lansing, MI
2/4/04 L 72-89 East Lansing, MI
1/21/04 L 55-85 East Lansing, MI
2/17/07 L 49-81 East Lansing, MI

Iowa has looked pretty poor the last three ballgames, losing to Minnesota and Michigan while squeaking one out against the winless in conference Wildcats of Northwestern. Michigan St has also had a lull in their season. Before annihilating Penn State at home on Wednesday, MSU had lost 3 of it last 4 (albeit all were road games against some tough competition).

Drew Neitzel has been very inconsisent this year. Most pundits had him pegged as the Big Ten POY. It doesn't look like that is going to be the case. Look for Tony Freeman to be in his jock all game once again in this game (just he did in the win in Iowa City).

Iowa has a tough, tough challenge ahead of them. They are clearly the smaller dog in this fight and will have to execute brilliantly to stay in the ballgame. The defense is going to be the deciding factor. I have a feeling this game is going to look a lot more like the Iowa/Ohio State game in Columbus than the Iowa/MSU game in Iowa City. Iowa has only won 2 road games this year - Michigan and UNI.

1.) Limit turnovers. Iowa has had single digits turnovers twice this season. They'll need one of those in this game.
2.) Get Jeff Peterson back on the court. If he is healthy, Iowa needs his gap slashing ability on the court. Even if he has his small share of turnovers (expected when you are a frosh and handling the ball as much as he does), what he can do on the offensive side of the ball will go a long way in helping Iowa.
3.) Freeman needs to be all up in Drew Neitzel's face. If he can play close to the level he did in the first meeting, Drew will be a non-factor.
4.) Get on the boards. Iowa has done a poor job on the boards as of late and they need to control them if they want to keep it close.
5.) Play within the offense. That means getting it inside when Tate is posted up. That means having Freeman take "good" three point attempts. That means Peterson being smart with the basketball. That means not heaving up a bad shot with 1.5 seconds left on the shot clock.

Iowa - 56
Michigan State - 78

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

OT: Lunar Eclipse Pictures from Byron, MN

-10 degrees F here in Byron, but that didn't stop me from heading outside to take a look at the Lunar Eclipse. I think my camera froze and the pictures didn't turn out very well, but it was an extremely spectacular sight tonight.

Here are a few pictures:

LunarEclipse5.jpg picture by storminspank

LunarEclipse1.jpg picture by storminspank

LunarEclipse8.jpg picture by storminspank

LunarEclipse7.jpg picture by storminspank

LunarEclipse6.jpg picture by storminspank

LunarEclipse4.jpg picture by storminspank

LunarEclipse3.jpg picture by storminspank

LunarEclipse2.jpg picture by storminspank

Here's some video that I shot:

OT: Menjing from the IT Dept Talks to Intecomp About Printers

Intecomp called me today. I didn't feel like talking printing solutions with a wholesaler. So I transferred the call to the IT department. I am not sure what's more impressive... their website or their hours. They probably need to hit the beach.

Below is the call...

Men's BB: The Northwestern Game Was So Ugly, My Dog Wouldn't Watch It

Iowa had ONE POINT 8:44 into the game. With just over 4 minutes to go in the first half, the score was 13-11. I had to ask my dog how he felt about the game.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Men's BB: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Northwestern Wildcats VS.

GAME INFO: Tues., Feb. 19th, 2008 - 8:05 CST - Carver Hawkeye Arena; Iowa City, IA
IOWA: 11-15 (4-9); RPI: 167 / Northwestern: 6-16 (0-12); RPI: 213

TV COVERAGE: Big Ten Network - DirecTV (Ch. 220) / DISH Network (Ch. 439) - Dave Revsine and Shon Morris (former Wildcat player and current Associate AD/Director of Athletic Development for Northwestern) will call the action.
LINE - Iowa is a 8.5 point favorite at home; 114.5 is the over/under.

Here was my mindset the day after the last Iowa/Michigan game at Carver:
"Iowa just lost to a pathetic Michigan team at home. That it was the most frustrating game of the year thus far. Iowa took a HUGE step backwards last night (and even in the Minny game). They had so many great strides leading up to that. The team has shown they can play with almost anyone in the Big Ten. Then to go out an lay an egg in the 2nd half was just pathetic... and I wouldn't be so despondent if it wasn't for the fact that it was against Michigan... AT HOME... the same Michigan team that has lost 11 of 13 and the only wins coming against a Claxton-less PSU and a hapless NW team.

It was a sad state of affairs last night. Not the saddest I've ever seen, but the saddest thus far this year... esp. considering the progress this team had made up towards this point in the season.

It's a step back.

Take a look at what I am seeing here:

BEAT MSU at home
Had Plenty of Chances to BEAT Purdue at home
BEAT UM on the road
LOST to Indiana on the road
BEAT PSU at home
Should have BEAT Purdue on the road
BEAT Ohio State at home
LOST to Wisky at home, but had chances to win it
STEP BACK in a loss to Minny on the road
HUGE STEP BACK in a loss to Michigan

Iowa was building momentum and playing good, focused BB for a long stretch there. Then came the MN game, followed by the UM game. Both were steps back, the 2nd being more severe than the first.

I don't care what anyone was saying pre-season. We've seen what this team can do and it's not right to use pre-season expectations as an excuse for losing to an extremely poor Michigan team at home after dominating the first 15 minutes of the game.

It was a classic case of a program taking a step back, and now we need to see if this Iowa team has the resolve to take that same step forward starting Tuesday night against NW. I have faith they will."
After the UM game, I was pretty disheartened... but let's fast forward to today.

The Kitty Cats made life miserable for Iowa under the direction of the Hawkeyes' previous coach. Winless Wildcat teams have not been one that Iowa likes to face. Northwestern hasn't won a Big Ten game yet (queue 2007).

Coach Lickliter has everything under control down in Iowa City. The Hawks overlooked the Wolverines. Things "were coming too easy" for them (Justin Johnson and Lick's words) and UM came out in the second half and dominated Iowa. Gorney was extremely ticked off after the game, and I do believe he is going to blow up against NW (esp. if Lick puts him at the FT line against the NW zone D). These guys took that loss last week personally and had the weekend to get ready to put . They've had time to think about it. I don't think for one second that Iowa is going to take the Wildcats for granted. Yes, the Wildcats are at the basement of the Big Ten, and Iowa "should" win this game. But I think you are going to see an Iowa team that imposes its will tonight.

Iowa, while not stacked in the talent area, has more horses that Northwestern. Couple that with the game being in Carver, and the fact that Iowa will not be overlooking the Wildcats, I see a victory for Iowa in this one.

1.) Don't get lulled to sleep by the Princeton offense. Stay active and play solid support defense.
2.) Find holes in the zone, put Gorney at the free throw line and let him create (man, I can honestly say I never thought I would type that in my entire life, but Seth has really impressed me the second half of the season).
3.) Be smart with the basketball and don't force things.
4.) Dominate the boards.
5.) Get Tate involved often and early; Cy needs to be sure to use some chalk on his hands before the game, however.

IOWA - 66

HD-DVD is Officially Dead

It's official. HD-DVD is dead. BluRay has won the format war.

Now... someone get Paramount on the phone so we can get Transformers on BD.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Wal-Mart and Netflix Join the BluRay Camp

Wal-Mart dumps HD DVDs to back Blu-ray

Nation’s largest retailer deals what could be crippling blow


Netflix Announces Blu-ray Exclusivity


Add Wal-Mart and Netflix to Best Buy and Blockbuster... HD-DVD is dead.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Men's BB: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Michigan Wolverines - Part Two VS.

GAME INFO: Thu., Feb. 14th, 2008 - 8:05 CST - Carver Hawkeye Arena; Iowa City, IA
IOWA: 11-14 (4-8); RPI: 151 / Michigan: 6-17 (2-9); RPI: 170

TV COVERAGE: Big Ten Network - ESPN (Ch. 206) / DISH Network (Ch. 140) - Bob Wischusen
and credit card extraordinaire, Doug Gottlieb, will call the action.

LINE - Iowa is a 7 point favorite at home; 117.5 is the over/under.


Iowa gets Michigan at Carver tonight. The Wolverines have lost 11 out of 13 and those 2 wins have been against Penn State and Northwestern. Iowa has no business losing this game, no business at all. Harris (Manny, not Dion) and Sims (DeShawn not Courtney) are really all the UM has going for them. I really see Iowa's D putting the clamps down in Carver. Iowa has now lost 3 out its last 4, including one up in the Twin Cities that was just embarrassing. I look for Iowa to rebound tonight against Michigan.

I want to see Justin Johnson hit 10 three pointers tonight... I really do...

1.) Get offensive rebounds.
2.) Extend the defense.
3.) Keep Freeman on a tight leash in regards to driving the lane. Have Tony stay around the arc where he is much more effective. Instead, use Jeff Peterson to drive and dish.
4.) Two Words: Seth Gorney.
5.) Control the tempo.

Iowa - 71
Michigan - 54

Monday, February 11, 2008

Men's BB: Jeff Peterson and Jake Kelly Take Their Place in the Iowa Freshman Record Books

Well, technically, NOT YET. But here's where they sit as of today.

1. 140 Jeff Horner, 2002-03
2. 131 Dean Oliver, 1997-98
3. 114 Pierre Pierce, 2001-02
4. 111 Tyler Smith, 2006-07
5. 101 Kevin Smith, 1990-91
6. 98 Ronnie Lester, 1976-77
7. 81 JEFF PETERSON, 2007-08
8. 80 Jeff Moe, 1984-85

Free Throw Percentage (minimum 2 att./game)
1. .789 (86-109) Jess Settles, 1993-94
2. .767 (56-89) Jeff Horner, 2002-03
3. .763 (29-38) JAKE KELLY, 2007-08 (he might not get the minimum of 2 FTA per game)
4. .762 (96-126) Dean Oliver, 1997-98
5. .750 (72-96) Kevin Boyle, 1978-79
6. .733 (44-60) JEFF PETERSON, 2007-08
7. .727 (96-132) Tyler Smith, 2006-07

3-Point Field Goal Percentage (1 att/game)*
1. .404 (19-47) JAKE KELLY, 2007-08
2. .396 (19-48) Ryan Luehrsmann, 1996-97
3. .381 (16-42) Jess Settles, 1993-94
4. .373 (47-126) Brody Boyd, 2000-01
5. .359 (14-39) Kevin Smith, 1990-91
6. .321 (44-137) Chris Kingsbury, 1993-94

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Men's BB: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers VS. GophUpSide.gif picture by storminspank

GAME INFO: Sat., Feb 9, 2008 - 1:05 CST - The Barn; Minneapolis, MN
IOWA: 11-13 (4-7); RPI: 140 / Minnesota: 14-7 (4-5); RPI: 86


The Battle for 6th Place in the Big Ten.

Both programs are in the middle of the first season with their new coaching staffs and both are overachieving in regards to preseason expectations by most people.

Each team has 4 wins in conference play, but the wins are sort of polar opposites:

MINNESOTA'S BIG TEN WINS: Northwestern (2), Penn State, and Michigan
IOWA'S BIG TEN WINS: Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan

The past 9 games, Iowa has lost a game followed by a win (or you could look at the last 8 games and say Iowa has won a game, then lost the next). Either way you look at it, Iowa has been getting better each game out in the Big Ten season. Minnesota, conversely, has been inconsistent. Whenever a team with any sort of talent steps on the court against the Gophers, they have trouble with them. Minnesota hasn't really been blown out this year, but still have trouble beating any team with talent. Put it this way, Minnesota's "best win" or "signature win" this season is... Iowa State (#110 RPI). The Gophers' resume is anything but impressive. Obviously, Iowa's resume isn't glowing either, but at least they have beat some quality teams this year and continue to impress with their defense.

Keys to the Game for Iowa

1.) Control the tempo, do not let the Gophers get out running.
2.) Take care of the ball. The Gophers have some of the most active hands in the nation. Tubby's team is going to play some tough M2M D in this contest.
3.) Rebound. Don't give Minnesota second chance points.
4.) Get Iowa's bigs involved early.
5.) Play within the offense.

I can't stand the Gophers, so it doesn't really matter if I look at this game objectively.

Iowa - 120
Minnesota - 7

(Iowa 68, Goophers 61)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Men's BB: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Wisconsin Badgers

On the road this week... short but sweet.

Rematch. Iowa played Wisky well last time despite a ton of fouls called on Iowa. I think if Iowa can control the tempo and Wisconsin's bigs, they can win.


Iowa 58
Wisconsin 60

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Justin Johnson Goes on a Shooting Spree Again

Iowa knocked off Ohio State on Saturday. Justin Johnson was a big reason for that. JJ hit eight three pointers for the second time this year, just one off the Iowa single game record held by Chris Kingsbury.

Below is a video highlight I made:

Friday, February 01, 2008

Men's BB: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Ohio State Buckeyes (Take Two) VS.

GAME INFO: Sat., Feb 2, 2008 - 5:05 CST - Carver Hawkeye Arena; Iowa City, IA
IOWA: 10-12 (3-6); RPI: 147 / Ohio State: 15-6 (6-2); RPI: 20

TV COVERAGE: Big Ten Network - DIRECTV (Ch. 220) / DISH Network (Ch. 439) - Roger Twibell and YMCA rec. league all-star, Tim Doyle will call the action.
LINE - Ohio State is a 5 point favorite on the road


Well, this is the start of a stretch in the season where Iowa gets 4 out of 5 games at home. Personally, I would think Iowa can get at least 2 wins out of the bunch, but I don't see 4 wins completely out of the picture either (Ohio St, Wisc, @MN, Mich, NW).

This is the 9th consecutive game that Iowa's RPI has increased (albeit from playing a stronger SOS, for sure).

Last time out vs. tOSU, Iowa was destroyed in EVERY facet of the game. It was ugly... real ugly. It was so ugly, Iowa could have ended up losing that ballgame by 50 if Matta didn't call of the dogs. Good thing he and Lickliter are buddies.

There's no denying that Ohio State is a SOLID ball club. They have a terrific senior PG in Jamar Butler, who is going to have the ball in his hands almost every possession and can do what the situation calls for (be it make a sweet dish, hit the floater, or can the trey). Staying on the offensive side of the ball, Kosta Koufos, a frosh, is the other go-to-guy on the team. He is 2nd on the team in PPG (about 14), but he does take about 1/3 of Ohio State's shots. After these two, there are several players that, on any night, can put up a lot of points. That's why this Buckeye offense can be so dangerous at times.

Ohio State's defense is one of the best in the Big Ten. Teams don't get to the line against Ohio State. In fact, the Buckeyes hold the #1 ranking in the nation when it comes opponent's FT Rate. And when opponents GET to the line, they only shoot 63%. Additionally, opponents don't shoot well vs. the Bucks either (29% from 3 pt land and 43% from 2 pt range, both in the Top 20 in the nation). That said, they allow their opponents to get off a lot of 3 balls (42% of shots taken vs. Ohio State are from behind the arc). So if Iowa can hit the threes they are allowed to get off, the game could swing Iowa's way.

Keys to the Game for Iowa

1.) Limit Turnovers - A repeat of the Purdue game (22 TOs) and Iowa loses by at least 25.
2.) Jeff Peterson is going to need to slash and dish. Iowa needs to cut through the Ohio St D to open up the floor.
3.) Rebound. Seth is in the Top 5 in the Big Ten in boards. Iowa will need to get as many of them as possible, esp. on the defensive side to limit the 2nd chance points.
4.) Tate needs to get back into the groove of things. He was invisible against Purdue.
5.) Control the tempo and hit the open shots when they are available.

The game is winnable, as Ohio State has looked very beatable in the last few games. Iowa plays better than last time they faced the Buckeyes, but...

Iowa - 57
Ohio State - 64