Thursday, January 29, 2009

MEN'S BB: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Michigan State Spartans

I've been a busy guy lately and have been getting behind on my previews/predictions. My apologies on that. This will be a short and sweet one.

Tate is questionable.

Students get in free and first 200 in Carver get free pizza.

Iowa has a nice little streak going on vs. MSU at home.

Carver should have the best crowd of the year for this ESPN matchup.

I think Iowa plays well, but loses. MSU is just that good.

IOWA - 56

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MEN'S BB: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Wisconsin Badgers

It's the LOST Season 5 premiere tonight, so I will be DVRing the game, then watching it late tonight. Hopefully Iowa can get this one. If you check out, you'll see that I put a bet out there when Iowa was 11-4 that Iowa would not fall to 11-11 this year... if they did I'd shave my head and wear Cyclone gear for a month. That bet is looking AWFUL right now.


It's Bring a Buddy day at Carver, buy one ticket get one friend free... or something like that.

Anthony Tucker is going to miss the rest of the year due to academics... just another huge blow to this team.

Jeff Peterson is still playing with a broken wrist.

Jake Kelly still has broken fingers, wrist, and possibly his crossover.

Jarryd Cole still getting over his knee surgery.

Cyrus Tate is likely going to be out, as well. So expect David Brooks to start in his place.
Who's David Brooks? This guy.

So with all that said, we'll likely see JR Angle tonight. W00T W0oT!
And you know what that means.

This isn't a typical preview/prediction because I have things going on right now, but I am going to go with Iowa in the emotional win.

IOWA - 69


Monday, January 19, 2009

MEN'S BB: R.I.P. Chris Street

Sixteen years ago seems like yesterday.

(2/2/1972 - 1/19/1993)

You are still missed, Chris.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

MEN'S BB: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Purdue Boilermakers VS.
GAME INFO: Sun., Jan. 18th, 2009 - 11:05 AM CST - Mackey Arena; West La Fayette, IN
IOWA: 11-6 (1-3); POM: 68; RPI: 73 / #19 PURDUE: 13-4 (2-2); POM: 20; RPI: 51

RADIO: Links
LINE - Iowa is a 13 point underdog at home.

UPDATE: Dolph and Bobby report that David Palmer will get his first start as an Iowa Hawkeye.

Kramer and Hummel are back in the lineup for Purdue, which only helps their case in this one. Apparently, Robbie's butt is all better. Iowa lost both games last year to Purdue (by 5 points at home, by 1 point on the road). Anyone that watched either of those games would have to admit that Iowa had its chances to win either of them. Arguably, Iowa is better this year and Purdue has lost a step... arguably.

As Pat Harty writes, Iowa has been working on their offense this past week. No one can argue that Iowa's D hasn't been good thus far, however their offense (when the treys aren't falling) is abysmal. It's even worse without Cyrus Tate isn't on the court... much worse.

Iowa will be without Cyrus Tate for an extended period of time, including this one. Tate had practiced earlier in the week, but Scott Dochterman just posted that Tate is out for awhile.

One has to wonder why Iowa doesn't take time to throw on a press every once and a while. The Hawkeyes long guards can definitely cause a ruckus in the backcourt. Sure, pressing has never been a staple for Lickliter's past teams, but teams and individuals have to adapt to stay ahead of the curve. Minnesota's guards made Wisconsin look silly a few nights ago when they slapped on the press, which ultimately ended up allowing the Gophers to win the game. I'm just saying... Coach needs to give it a look, especially if Iowa starts falling behind teams early. Draining threes is a great way to get back into ballgames, but when they aren't falling (as was the case the past few contests) Iowa can't get back into games.

41.3% - 3 ptrs (4th highest in the nation)
39.3% - 2 ptrs (340th in the nation, 5th worst in the nation)
19.4% - FTs (210th in the nation)

Pretty obvious stats there. Iowa doesn't get to the line very often, and live and die by the three. Information we already knew. Iowa continues to have the 2nd slowest tempo in the nation - 343rd overall. This, too, isn't overpowering news, as this sort of tempo was expected.

Pomeroy gives Iowa a 13% chance to win the game.

1.) Shoot Well from the Outside. Without Tate, Iowa had better hit its outside shots.
2.) Effective Dribble Drives. No silly turnovers while hitting the lane; Iowa needs to attack Purdue to free up their shooters and hopefully gets a couple easy buckets.
3.) Limit Calasan. Yes, Purdue has Kramer, Moore, Johnson and Hummel, but last year, Calasan killed Iowa. He definitely causes matchup problems for Iowa.
4.) Mix it Up. I don't even know what this key is... I just want to see something different on the court. The product right now is pretty stale.
5.) Switching on D Effectively. The last few games, teams have exposed Iowa's D by making the Hawks switch on D, getting their bigs posting up our guards. This can't happen.

Iowa - 57
Purdue - 66

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FOOTBALL: Official Ed Podolak Statement of Retirement, Barta Comment

UI great Podolak retires from radio position

Weekend commutes to the Midwest took its toll on Hawkeye color analyst

Jan. 14, 2009

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- Long-time University of Iowa football color analyst Ed Podolak has decided to retire from Hawkeye football broadcasts. Podolak visited with UI athletics director Gary Barta last weekend, indicating his desire to leave the radio booth. Below are statements from Podolak and Barta:

Ed Podolak statement

I have notified Learfield Sports and the Iowa athletic department of my retirement from Iowa football broadcasts. My multi-year contract with Learfield has expired and I will be 62 years old this year, so it seems like a good time for a younger ex-Hawkeye to fill the spot. I have been wrestling with retirement through last fall since I have relocated my real estate business to northern California. The resulting commute to the Midwest each weekend has been challenging. I wish the Hawkeyes the best and will attend as many games as my schedule allows. It has been a pleasure working with so many great Hawkeyes over the last 27 years. I want to especially thank Jim Zabel and Gary Dolphin for helping to make my football Saturdays even more rewarding. I hope to pen some memoirs in the near future. Go Hawks!!!!

Gary Barta statement

Over the weekend Ed Podolak shared with me his desire to retire as our football color analyst, a position he has held for more than 25 years. He indicated he felt the time was right for him to step aside and devote more time to his business and other personal interests.

It's hard to put into words what Ed has meant to Iowa football, both as a player and a radio personality. His knowledge, insight and wit will be sorely missed when Hawkeye football is on the air. He has the unique ability to talk to Iowa fans in a way they clearly understand. He never hid his passion for the Hawkeyes and for that we'll be eternally grateful. It'll be a challenge to fill the shoes of such a great radio personality, but we'll work hard to find a color analyst who exemplifies the on-air qualities we've become accustomed to with Ed. We thank him for his years of service and wish him good luck and health in his retirement from the radio booth. He'll always be a Hawkeye and we cherish the memories he has left us.

Podolak lettered in football at Iowa from 1966-68 and is 18th on the all-time single-season Hawkeye rushing list with 937 yards on 154 carries with eight touchdowns in 1968 (6.1 yards per carry average). He led Iowa in passing in both 1966 (1,041 yards) and '67 (1,014). He played in the East-West Shrine game, the Hula Bowl and the Tribune All-Star game before being drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs of the American Football League. A native of Atlantic, Iowa, Podolak played nine seasons for the Chiefs, rushing for 4,451 yards and 34 touchdowns. He was inducted into the Chief's Hall of Fame in 1989.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FOOTBALL: Eddie Podolak Retires from Learfield Sports

Original graphic by Learfield Communications

WHO TV, channel 13 in Des Moines, made the announcement tonight that Ed Podolak has retired from broadcasting Iowa Football on the radio. Whether this was a force out or Eddie's decision, it is a sad, sad day for the state of Iowa (and all Hawkeye fans).

Recent pictures of Ed made their way through the Internets this past week of Ed tying one on in a hotel bar after the Outback Bowl. Iowa A.D., Gary Barta, stated that he was "deeply disappointed" in Podolak's actions.

Again, I'm not sure if Ed was asked to resign or if he left on his own. We do know that Ed has apologized for his actions and said that he was going to take last weekend to think about what needed to happen. This might have been what he thought had to happen.

Regardless of the basis behind his retirement, one thing is for certain... Iowa Football broadcasts will never be the same. The person chosen to take Ed's place as the color man for Iowa Football will have huge shoes to fill. HUGE shoes to fill. Eddie has been on the radio since I can remember what Iowa Football was. It's a sad, sad day, Hawk fans.

UPDATE: Great article from Morehouse on this subject - HERE

Monday, January 12, 2009

MEN'S BB: Robbie Hummel Has "Shooting Pains in His Butt"

What Robbie does in his free time is his own business... Gus Johnson divulges the news.
Gus Johnson: I talked to Robbie, and he said he's experiencing some shooting pains in his butt. He said he's feeling better, although he said there is still some minor discomfort.
Good luck to Robbie and his butt problems, hopefully he'll be ready for the upcoming Iowa game.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

OT: You are Old, Deal with It

I wrote this on my personal blog the other day and thought I'd throw it up here as well.

You are Old, Deal with it

Stay in denial all you want, but you are old. Even you twenty-somethings out there. You guys are old. I'm almost 30 and I am old. No disrespect to those people "over the hill", as you are old too, but if you reading this blog, you are old. Sorry. Here's the proof.


That Oscar winning film with cartoons walking around the set with real people was released 20 years ago. Yes, that's right. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is TWENTY YEARS OLD.


Christina Applegate used to look like this:



Little Stephanie has a kid.


Spencer Elden, the Nirvana baby, turns 18 this summer.


The Gummi Bears' final season concluded over 18 years ago. Someone could have gotten a lifetime education (sans college) since this show has been on the non-syndicated air.


Chris Street died over 15 years ago (will be 16 this month). R.I.P., Chris.


Dame Jane Goodall is 74 years old.


It's been 10 years since Jordan wore a Chicago Bulls jersey.


Baby Jessica can legally drink.

Like I said... congratulations, you are old.

Get ready for your Senior Citizen discount and all the fun with AARP you can handle. :)

MEN'S BB: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Michigan Wolverines VS.
GAME INFO: Sat., Jan. 11th, 2009 - 10:35 AM CST - Crisler Arena; Ann Arbor, MI
IOWA: 11-5 (1-2); POM: 55; RPI: 65 / MICHIGAN: 12-3 (2-1); POM: 60; RPI: 35

RADIO: Links
LINE - Iowa is a 7.5 point underdog at home.

Well, here's your excuse to skip church - Iowa plays the "butt crack of dawn game of the year". Rise and shine for the 10:35 AM CST (8:35 AM PST) starting time vs. Michigan this Sunday.

These two teams play sort of the same style of ball, they both shoot well and are efficient on the offensive side of the ball. Both teams shoot FTs at a terrific rate, but teams don't go to the line very often vs. Michigan. Iowa continues to chuck treys at a crazy rate - 48.5% of Iowa's shots are from behind the arc. Overall, Iowa is the better shooting team, but Michigan does a better job taking care of the ball and getting steals on the other end of the court. Long story short, Iowa is going to hit more shots, but Michigan is likely going to have more possessions.

Iowa is 3-3 in games decided under 6 points, while Michigan is 2-1 in those same games.

Iowa is turning into an infirmary. Tate went down with a sprained ankle last game (doubt he will play in this one), Tucker is still ailing from his bout with Mono, Peterson has a broken bone in his non-shooting hand, Kelly has a broken finger on his shooting hand and sprained his wrist last game. The way things are going, the starting lineup could include Angle and Palmer by year end.

Pomeroy gives Iowa a 35% chance to win the game.

1.) Shoot Well from the Outside. Facts are facts, when Iowa isn't hitting the outside shots, they lose. It's that simple.
2.) Brommer and Cole. With Tate being doubtful for this one, these two will have to contribute something. Someone will need to guard Sims.
3.) Pass the Ball Effectively. With UM likely coming out in a 1-3-1 zone, Iowa needs to work the ball around to get the defense out of position to free up their shooters.
4.) Dribble Penetration. Along with good passing, Iowa needs to penetrate against the zone, Iowa will look to Peterson and Davis to do this.

Iowa - 55
Michigan - 63

Saturday, January 10, 2009

FOOTBALL: Jake Christensen to Transfer from Iowa

Well, the rumors were correct this time. People close to the program had stated middle of the year that Jake would probably leave. Speculation began to increase after the Outback Bowl when Jake reportedly told a crowd at a bar that he was done at Iowa and appreciated all the support.

Adam Rittenberg is now reporting that Jake's dad, Jeff, has told ESPN that Jake has been given his release by Iowa.

What I appreciate about the whole situation was the maturity and team-first approach Jake took during the season. He could have cause a mighty distraction midway through the season, but instead he was supportive from the sidelines and was leader off the field.

What I don't appreciate is the way Jake's dad continues to talk to the press. It's readily apparent that Jake is far and away more mature than his old man. Jeff's whiny, "woe is me" attitude hasn't rubbed off on Jake, and that's great to see. The past four years Jeff has been interviewed a handful of times by the media and every time he comes off as an arrogant man with a sense of entitlement.

Regardless of how Jeff acts, this post is about Jake and the fact that he is no longer an Iowa Hawkeye. I, for one, appreciate what Jake did for The University of Iowa. He played hard, was all about the team, and was an all around good guy. Much thanks to Jake for what he has done at Iowa, good luck to him in his future endeavors. I hope to see him playing pitching for the Cubs some day.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

MEN'S BB: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers VS. GophUpSide.gif picture by storminspank
GAME INFO: Thu., Jan. 8rd, 2009 - 6:05 PM CST - Carver-Hawkeye Arena; Iowa City, IA
IOWA: 11-4 (1-1); POM: 48; RPI: 50 / #22 MINNESOTA: 13-1 (1-1); POM: 64; RPI: 31


LINE - Iowa is a 2 point favorite at home.

Minnesota has beaten Iowa only once in the last 9 times in Carver (and 4 straight in Carver), Iowa hopes their odds of winning will continue on that sort of trend. Tubby has the Gophers off to their best start in over a decade (thanks to a cupcake schedule that allowed them to remain in The Barn for the majority of their games). Iowa is undefeated at home (9-0), while Minnesota has only played one true road game (the other being a neutral site). The Gophs are ranked in the Top 25, but like their football team, they are very young and haven't been tested yet.

Minnesota natives
Tucker, Davis, and Brommer get their first shot against their home state in this rivalry. We'll see how much each of these contribute, however it's going to be Davis that will likely get the most PT of the trio. Tucker is still recovering from his illness (mono), so it's anyone's guess as to the amount he will play. Brommer just came off a 20 minute outing vs. Indiana, and with the big bodies Minnesota will bring it's safe to assume he will get some time.

The Gophers have a pretty decent backcourt in Westbrook and Nolan. I'd put Nolan up there as one of the best PG in the Big Ten (just behind Talor Battle). Al has an insane A:TO ratio of close to 4:1, which is unheard of. Minny blocks a TON of shots, but that really should affect Iowa, a team that shoots and makes more threes than anyone in the Big Ten. The Hawkeyes will need to make their shots, though, as they are the worst rebounding team in the Big Ten.

Matt Gatens continues to impress. He is currently sitting at the top of the Big Ten in 3 pt % (54) and FT % (97). As of right now, he has my vote for Freshman of the Year in the Big Ten (my vote totally counts in my own head). Jeff Peterson has been hot and cold this year, but looks to have improved his overall game since last year. Jeff is 7th in the Big Ten in assists per game, however he is also 7th in the Big Ten in turnovers per game. The kicker in this game has to be Cyrus Tate. After putting up 22 and 11 vs. Indiana, it looks as if Iowa is starting look for him again like they did towards the end of last year. If Tate can do anything against the massive Seqouias that Minnesota is bringing, Iowa has a great shot to win this ballgame.

Pomeroy gives Iowa a 72% chance to win the game.

1.) Shoot Well from the Outside. They shot poorly vs. Indiana and it almost cost them. Minnesota won't be as forgiving.
2.) Play Solid D from the Guards. Minnesota has some good guards, so Iowa will need to pressure to keep them at bay.
3.) Take Care of the Ball. Tubby's defensive scheme will put A LOT of pressure on Iowa's guard, they'll need to slow down and handle the rock.
4.) Make Friends with the Refs. Iowa will need to play physical in this one. If the tick tack fouls are called, Iowa won't be able to compete.

Iowa - 60
Minnesota - 58

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

MEN'S BB: Will Matt Gatens Miss His 35th Consecutive FT?

Super frosh, Matt Gatens, is quietly having one of the better freshman campaigns in recent Iowa Hawkeye Basketball history.

He's put up double digit points in 9 of his first 15 games.
He has 41 assists to just 24 turnovers (1.71 A:TO ratio).
He is shooting over 54% from 3 point range (26/48 3 ptrs).

Yet the biggest stat thus far, in my opinion, is his FT%. Matt has shot 31 FTs so far and missed just 1 of them (the miss came in the second half of the second game of the season). So while the amount FTs isn't remarkable, the percentage is (97%). Furthermore, if you go back to that miss against UTSA, Matt has now made 24 consecutive free throws. I don't know where that places him in the nation in regards to that sort of stat or where that ranks him all-time for freshmen... but I do know this. Matt is now just 10 consecutive FTs away from tying the late, great, Chris Street, for the Iowa record. So what is Matt to do? Whether he gets to that 33rd/34th in a row in the next couple games or even a couple years down the road, he will have a quasi-dilemma on his hands. What does he do? Does he miss that 35th intentionally or does he sink it and wipe Chris' record out of the record books. I know it might depend on the situation (or maybe it doesn't matter at all in the end), but it's something to think about.

I'm all about the team, but if it's me, I miss it.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

MEN'S BB: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Indiana Hoosiers vs.

GAME INFO: Sat., Jan. 3rd, 2009 - 3:35 PM CST - Carver-Hawkeye Arena; Iowa City, IA
IOWA: 10-4 (0-1); POM: 46; RPI: 42 / INDIANA: 5-7 (0-0); POM: 218; RPI: 192


LINE - Iowa is a 14 point favorite at home.

It's not going to get any easier in the Big Ten this year than this one today. Iowa gets the worst team in the Big Ten at home. Indiana starts the Big Ten season on the road, while Iowa already has a game under its belt. The Hawkeyes put up a great fight on the road against Ohio State, and was quite possibly the funnest game to watch this year so far. Another thing to note is Iowa's RPI and KenPom ratings, both are above the 50 mark, which is EXCELLENT for this year's squad.

Iowa has not lost a game at home this year. Indiana hasn't won on the road this year.

It's no secret that this is a completely different Hoosier team than last year. In fact, if you look at the minutes logged in last year's game in Carver, not one player on this year's team logged minutes in that one.

Iowa is infinitely better than last year's squad, while Indiana has gone south thanks to their ex-coach, Kalvin Sampson.

Iowa has made 129 3pt FGs this year, 4th best in all of college basketball. Even more impressive is that Iowa isn't just heaving up three pointers to be able to make that many treys. Iowa is also ranked in the Top 10 in the nation in 3pt FG%, as they are shooting 41.1% from behind the arc (9th).

Indiana has only attempted 608 shots so far this year, which ranks them 296th in the nation. The reason for such few FG attempts? Turnovers. The Hoosiers average the 4th most turnovers per game in the nation at almost 20 per game. They also shoot an abysmal 29.% from behind the arc.

INDIANA: Jones/Moore, Dumes, Williams, Taber, Pritchard
IOWA: Peterson, Davis, Kelly, Gatens, Tate

1.) Shoot Well from the Outside. They have almost every game, and it's the reason they win ballgames.
2.) Pound the Ball Inside. It's sickening how many missed opportunities Iowa has this season thanks to ignoring Tate.
3.) Get to the FT line. Iowa shots well from the line, but do not have enough attempts.

Iowa - 70
Indiana - 51

Thursday, January 01, 2009

FOOTBALL: Pat Angerer Instills Fear In Opponents

But not via his GameDay pic:

FOOTBALL: Let The Rumors Fly! Kirk Ferentz, Jake Christensen, DJK

Well, Iowa just came off an impressive showing vs. the Ol Ball Coach's Gamecocks.

It wouldn't be Bowl Season without speculation that Kirk Ferentz is heading to the NFL. This time it seems a little more plausible. Big time connections are contacting people's people's people, and the rumors are flying around like crazy. Jon Miller stated on his radio show that he thought Ferentz's chances of going to the Browns was "about 75%". That's scary stuff right there. The message boards are blowing up with different stuff right now.

One of the latest rumors is Jake Christensen being done at Iowa. Although many people expected him to take off after losing the starting job, I had hoped he'd stick it out. Regardless of what happens, Jake has been one of the greatest teammates. He has been continually helping out Ricky and stayed focused while he was on the bench. The latest rumor of his leaving was found HERE on Hawkeyenation. The link points to THIS PHOTO from the latter part of the Outback Bowl. The photo(s) are credited to Gazette photographers Jim Slosiarek and Jonathan D. Woods.

The Photo and Caption:

It's no secret that DJK and Jake are tight. What's even more interesting is that DJK has canceled his Facebook account.

No idea what that means...but... you never know these days...

Then again, the "he's outta here" might have been directed at DJK, as in he is leaving the stadium, see you later type of thing.

EDIT: I am, by no means, advocating anything. I am just relaying what I've read and spouting off some of my observations.

FOOTBALL: Shonn Gone! Greene Heads to the NFL

Original pic by

After racking up 121 yards and 3 TDs against South Carolina in the 2009 Outback Bowl, Shonn Greene declared that he would be heading to the NFL in an interview with ESPN. Greene was the only running back to rush for over 100 yards in every single game this year. The Doak Walker winner also set the single season TD record for the Hawks with his 3 TD performance.

Good Luck to Greene at the next level!

FOOTBALL: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. South Carolina - 2009 OUTBACK BOWL VS.
GAME INFO: Thurs., January 1, 2009 - 10:00 AM CST - Raymond James Stadium; Tampa Bay, FL
IOWA: 8-4 (5-3) NR / SOUTH CAROLINA 7-5 (4-4) NR

LINE: Iowa is a 4 point favorite at the nuetral site.

It's finally here. Football is back. The fans are excited, and Tampa Bay is crawling with Black and Gold. Less than an hour left until kickoff. The Gazette has an awesome site that they have been updating leading up to the game - HAWKEYEBOWLGAME.COM. The Gazette guys will be live blogging - join in HERE. Don't forget to take a look at's coverage of the Outback Bowl, as well.

Spurrier is running his mouth about injuries, yada yada. I'm just looking forward to see them strap on the chin straps and go at it. Should be a great game.

No in-depth analysis today. Just getting ready for the game.

Offensive Player of the Game: Shonn Greene (Look for him to run all over the Gamecocks)
Defensive Player of the Game: Pat Angerer (Looking a pick from him and a boatload of tackles)

Iowa - 31
South Carolina - 21