Sunday, January 18, 2009

MEN'S BB: Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Purdue Boilermakers VS.
GAME INFO: Sun., Jan. 18th, 2009 - 11:05 AM CST - Mackey Arena; West La Fayette, IN
IOWA: 11-6 (1-3); POM: 68; RPI: 73 / #19 PURDUE: 13-4 (2-2); POM: 20; RPI: 51

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LINE - Iowa is a 13 point underdog at home.

UPDATE: Dolph and Bobby report that David Palmer will get his first start as an Iowa Hawkeye.

Kramer and Hummel are back in the lineup for Purdue, which only helps their case in this one. Apparently, Robbie's butt is all better. Iowa lost both games last year to Purdue (by 5 points at home, by 1 point on the road). Anyone that watched either of those games would have to admit that Iowa had its chances to win either of them. Arguably, Iowa is better this year and Purdue has lost a step... arguably.

As Pat Harty writes, Iowa has been working on their offense this past week. No one can argue that Iowa's D hasn't been good thus far, however their offense (when the treys aren't falling) is abysmal. It's even worse without Cyrus Tate isn't on the court... much worse.

Iowa will be without Cyrus Tate for an extended period of time, including this one. Tate had practiced earlier in the week, but Scott Dochterman just posted that Tate is out for awhile.

One has to wonder why Iowa doesn't take time to throw on a press every once and a while. The Hawkeyes long guards can definitely cause a ruckus in the backcourt. Sure, pressing has never been a staple for Lickliter's past teams, but teams and individuals have to adapt to stay ahead of the curve. Minnesota's guards made Wisconsin look silly a few nights ago when they slapped on the press, which ultimately ended up allowing the Gophers to win the game. I'm just saying... Coach needs to give it a look, especially if Iowa starts falling behind teams early. Draining threes is a great way to get back into ballgames, but when they aren't falling (as was the case the past few contests) Iowa can't get back into games.

41.3% - 3 ptrs (4th highest in the nation)
39.3% - 2 ptrs (340th in the nation, 5th worst in the nation)
19.4% - FTs (210th in the nation)

Pretty obvious stats there. Iowa doesn't get to the line very often, and live and die by the three. Information we already knew. Iowa continues to have the 2nd slowest tempo in the nation - 343rd overall. This, too, isn't overpowering news, as this sort of tempo was expected.

Pomeroy gives Iowa a 13% chance to win the game.

1.) Shoot Well from the Outside. Without Tate, Iowa had better hit its outside shots.
2.) Effective Dribble Drives. No silly turnovers while hitting the lane; Iowa needs to attack Purdue to free up their shooters and hopefully gets a couple easy buckets.
3.) Limit Calasan. Yes, Purdue has Kramer, Moore, Johnson and Hummel, but last year, Calasan killed Iowa. He definitely causes matchup problems for Iowa.
4.) Mix it Up. I don't even know what this key is... I just want to see something different on the court. The product right now is pretty stale.
5.) Switching on D Effectively. The last few games, teams have exposed Iowa's D by making the Hawks switch on D, getting their bigs posting up our guards. This can't happen.

Iowa - 57
Purdue - 66

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