Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FOOTBALL: Eddie Podolak Retires from Learfield Sports

Original graphic by Learfield Communications

WHO TV, channel 13 in Des Moines, made the announcement tonight that Ed Podolak has retired from broadcasting Iowa Football on the radio. Whether this was a force out or Eddie's decision, it is a sad, sad day for the state of Iowa (and all Hawkeye fans).

Recent pictures of Ed made their way through the Internets this past week of Ed tying one on in a hotel bar after the Outback Bowl. Iowa A.D., Gary Barta, stated that he was "deeply disappointed" in Podolak's actions.

Again, I'm not sure if Ed was asked to resign or if he left on his own. We do know that Ed has apologized for his actions and said that he was going to take last weekend to think about what needed to happen. This might have been what he thought had to happen.

Regardless of the basis behind his retirement, one thing is for certain... Iowa Football broadcasts will never be the same. The person chosen to take Ed's place as the color man for Iowa Football will have huge shoes to fill. HUGE shoes to fill. Eddie has been on the radio since I can remember what Iowa Football was. It's a sad, sad day, Hawk fans.

UPDATE: Great article from Morehouse on this subject - HERE

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  1. Ghey.

    Almost as ghey as this blog.

    I'll be raising one for Eddie the next time I'm in Iowa City at the Wig and Pen. May even put my hands in the fan for him. ;-)