Friday, August 29, 2008

FOOTBALL: 2008 Iowa Hawkeye Season and Big Ten Standings Predictions


8/30 Maine WIN
9/06 Florida International WIN
9/13 Iowa State WIN
9/20 Pittsburgh LOSS
9/27 Northwestern WIN
10/04 Michigan State WIN
10/11 Indiana WIN
10/18 Wisconsin WIN
11/01 Illinois LOSS
11/08 Penn State LOSS
11/15 Purdue WIN
11/22 Minnesota WIN

Wins: Maine, Florida International, Iowa State, Northwestern, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Purdue, Indiana, Minnesota

Losses: Pittsburgh, Penn State, Illinois

Record: 9-3 overall. 6-2 Big Ten

Bowl: Alamo Bowl

Explanation: We won't have a member of the Big Ten in the BCS Championship Game, so all the bowl games move down one. If Ohio State gets into the BCS Championship, then Iowa has a shot at the Outback or Cap One. Stellar defense, improved offense, moderate schedule gets Iowa to 9-3 this year. A loss to Illinois could be swapped with Wisconsin, but I like the way we have matched up with Wisconsin the past 20 years or so.

  1. OHIO STATE (7-1)
  2. WISCONSIN (7-1)
  3. PENN STATE (6-2)
  4. IOWA (6-2)
  5. ILLINOIS (5-3)
  8. MICHIGAN (4-4)
  9. PURDUE (3-5)
  10. INDIANA (2-6)
  11. MINNESOTA (0-8)

FOOTBALL: 2008 Week One - Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Maine Black Bears Preview VS.

GAME INFO: Sat., Aug. 30th, 2008 - 11:03 AM CST - Kinnick Stadium - Iowa City, IA
IOWA: 0-0 (0-0) NR / MAINE: 0-0 (0-0) NR

TV COVERAGE: Big Ten Network - DirecTV (Channel 618 or 618-1 [HD]) / DISH Network (channel 5441 or 9502 [HD])
LINE - No line available.

I think that I have the right logo for Maine... I think.

Maine's offense was abysmal last year, but as an Iowa fan that surely is calling the kettle black. As little as I know about Maine, I do know that they aren't Appalachian State - they really should not give Iowa that big of a test. One thing I see happening is some hard-nose defense from the Hawkeyes. Iowa's front 4 will have their way throughout the game. Look for the offensive line to bully, as well. Iowa should have a big game on the ground between Greene, O'Meara, and Hampton. It will interesting to see how the QBs perform, as well.

KCRG has a great video on the Kirk Ferentz - Maine connection. (Thanks, mikeshea)

Offensive Player of the Game: Shonne Greene
Defensive Player of the Game: Adrian Clayborn

Iowa - 41
Maine - 9

Thursday, August 28, 2008

FOOTBALL: A List of 8 Audacious Big Ten Prognostications for the 2008 College Football Season

An arduous title for a blog entry? Perhaps. However, you see these sort of things titled, "Fearless Predictions" or "Bold Forecasts". Well, this is my look at eight events, contrary to popular belief, that will happen this college football season in the Big Ten. Why 8? Why not 10? I don't know... eight seemed to sound better next to "audacious." Do I think all of the events will happen? Hardly. If a few of them come true, then I win, in my own eyes. So I'll put up 8 different items that I believe we will or will not see during this season even if most people disagree.
    Ohio State quarterbacks
    No doubt about it, Ohio State is stacked this year. They are, hands down, the best team in the Big Ten. The Pryor show will be entertaining. The defense is solid. Yet I don't see them getting past USC in the third week of the season inside the Coliseum. A one loss Ohio State team can absolutely make it to the BCS Championship game, but I think they end up with two losses on their resume. I see them slipping up either in Madison or East Lansing.


    So I just told you Michigan State could beat Ohio State, which I think is true... but their season will not be as glorious as that potential upset. The rest of the world thinks it will be, though. Good Lord. Everyone loves Dantonio (Mark, the HC of the Spartans, not Mike, the bassist for Killswitch Engage). The Spartans are the Dark Horse for the Big Ten crown. Dantonio for Big Ten Coach of the Year. Enough already. Now don't take this as an anti-MSU rant, but I see them losing to CAL and ND in the out of conference schedule... and if that happens I just can't picture MSU getting 6 wins in conference when they have to face Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin (arguably the Top 3 teams in the Big Ten) and not getting the gimmie vs. Minnesota. 7-5 is the best I see from MSU. I keep hearing "watch out for Michigan State", but enough of that palaver because Sparty isn't going be "that team". Michigan State hasn't had back to back winning seasons since I was in grade school. They might break that streak this year, but not to the tune of 8 wins. Besides, it's not like MSU is known for rising to the occasion over the past few decades.

    BrewsterMillions.jpg picture by storminspank
    Kirk Ferentz has to be the most likely, right? He's overrated, overpaid, overmatched, etc... WRONG. SHUT UP. Ferentz isn't going anywhere unless he leaves for the NFL, which he has turned down multiple times during his tenure at the University of Iowa. His paycheck was based on the market's demand at the time, and I don't have a problem with what Iowa pays him. He's a hell of coach, and an even better person. He's not going anywhere. However, Tim Brewster might be. Oh, what a silly, silly comment to make about a man in his second year at a school. No way he is going to be fired. Think again. Timmy can't seem to keep any of his recruits eligible - the incoming freshman class recorded the lowest test scores of any school in the Big Ten. Rumor is their stud recruit, MarQueis Gray had someone re-take his qualifying test score. Whoops. Plus, Timmy wanted to bolster his defense, so he hired an assistant coach away from the football powerhouse named Duke. Let me repeat that. Tim Brewster, head coach of Minnesota, wanted to improve his team, so he hired someone from DUKE. DUKE! Well done, sir. Of all the Big Ten coaches, I would pick Brewster over anyone else to get the axe.

    Contrary to the Purdue Sports Department's opinion, there's no way Curtis Painter is or will be a candidate for the Heisman Trophy. First off, Curtis Painter really isn't that good. Check out his Big Ten only stats and get back to me as to why he would be a candidate for the Heisman. He's not even the best QB in the Big Ten. Additionally, he plays for Purdue. By all means, you need to be in at least a January Bowl to be seriously considered for the Heisman. As much as Tiller can pray for it, Purdue isn't going to be bowling in the early part of '09. And finally, having a site like will do nothing to help the case... it's worse than having a huge banner on a building in Times Square.

    Sure, the Wolverines have some of the best young talent in the nation; R-Rod brought a TON of athletes with him to Ann Arbor. The problem, though, is the system Rich brought with him to Ann Arbor. The offensive scheme used at West Virginia isn't the simplest one to pick up at the drop of a hat. Add in the fact that the players remaining from Carr's reign will have to completely change their approach to the game, and things aren't going to turn out well. You are going to see a lot of talented players, who don't know how to play together, trying to learn a system as the year progresses. Oh right... the starting QB for Michigan has never taken a snap at the collegiate level either. Still, there are experts around the nation putting them in their Top 25 for whatever reason. Michigan MIGHT get to 7 wins, but they will struggle to finish in the upper half of the Big Ten.

    Listen, I adore the BTN. I really do. I love it more than eating Breyer's All-Natural Rocky Road ice cream (and I am man who loves him some ice cream). Here's their latest promo - JORDAN AND MIKE - "GET READY FOR THE TAILGATE". I'm not sure this is what Mike Hall had in mind after winning ESPN's Dream Job, but at least he's on TV and making money. But what's with the "FNT" logo? Are they trying to promote Wrestlemania or something? The fact remains that although you get to see some cool on-campus shots and a look at some of the co-eds, "Friday Night Tailgate" still makes me want to take the BTN off my DirecTV Favorites List... but at least they got rid of the fat guy. Clarissa Thompson could be its only saving grace, but it might require too much from her.

    The Badgers have yet to lose a home game under former Hawkeye (and current recruit poacher), Bret Bielema. That will change this year. Penn State, Ohio State, and Illinois all make their way to Madison at some point during the season. Yes, Camp Randall is one of the most rocking stadium in not only the Big Ten, but also the entire nation. Yet the contingency of 76,000+ drunkards attending the games will not be enough to help out the Badgers in their quest to remain undefeated at home... no matter how much jumping around they do. QB woes will do in Bucky at home this year.

    hawkeyeslu8.jpg picture by storminspank
    I can hear it already, "YOU FRICKIN' HOMER!!" Settle down and read on. The safe bet would be to say 7-5 or 8-4, but this is supposed to be audacious... so there you go. Iowa will finish this season with a minimum record of 9-3. They could make it through the non-conference schedule unscathed, but I think they drop one over at Heinz Field. That leaves them with a 6-2 record in conference, which is very doable considering the schedule they have in front of them (I completely disagree that it's the easiest in the nation, however, by a long shot). Their toughest opponents (Wisconsin and Penn State) are at home, not to mention their bye week is after Wisconsin and before traveling to Illinois. If Iowa can stay healthy (and get healthy, as well - Moeaki, Stross, Bernstine, etc...), there is no reason they can't put at least the number "9" in the Win column. This year's front four on defense is one of, if not, the best in the Big Ten. The offense will struggle at times this year again, but with the return of Shonn Greene, as well as Moeaki, Brodell, and Stross, Iowa has some actual weapons out on the field. Don't overlook what Erik Campbell, one of the nation's best assistant coaches, will do for Iowa's receivers. Solid D + Contributing Offense = At least 9 wins.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FOOTBALL: Projected Starting Lineup for the First Game of the 2008 Season

Here's how I see it, right or wrong...

QB - Jake Christensen
RB - Shonn Greene
FB - Brett Morse
WR - Andy Brodell
TE - Brandon Myers
OT - Kyle Calloway
OG - Rafael Eubanks
C - Rob Bruggeman
OG - Seth Olsen
OT - Brian Bulaga

DE - Adrian Clayborn
DT - Mitch King
DT - Matt Kroul
DE - Christian Ballard
LB - A.J. Edds
LB - Jacody Coleman
LB - Jeff Tarpinian (if he can't go, look for Jeremiha Hunter to start)
CB - Amari Spievey
CB - Bradley Fletcher
FS - Brett Greenwood
SS - Harold Dalton (Tillison will get a shot too)

KOS - Daniel Murray
PK - Trent Mossbrucker
P - Ryan Donahue
KR - DJK, Paul Chaney
PR - Brodell

Kuempel might start over Raf, but I just think Eubanks is too good to keep out of the starting lineup. Reisner is going to get a ton of PT, as are Bernstine, Tillison, and Sash. Also Stanzi is going to see a lot of snaps, as well.

Redshirts burned on Saturday: Jewel Hampton, Trent Mossbrucker, DeMarco Paine, Shaun Prater, Adam Robinson/Jeff Brinson, David Cato, Brad Herman. There will likely be a couple other guys on ST, some RS freshmen too... but I see these guys getting the early PT.

- Kirk confirmed Jake as the starter today.
- Nate Guillory has decided to transfer. Early yesterday morning, the rumors began that Nate had quit the team, and Kirk confirmed that today.
- Read Kirk's full presser on - HERE

Saturday, August 23, 2008

FOOTBALL: Brandon Wegher Commits to Iowa

Brian Finley of has confirmed that the top player in Iowa for the '09 class has decided to be a Hawkeye.

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(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Brandon Wegher (4 star RB from Heelan) announced tonight after picking from Iowa and Nebraska.


If you've been living in a cave, you can learn more about Wegher from his website.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

OT: ESPN's Hill Agrees with my Phelps Stance

ESPN Page 2 article written last night agrees with my previous post on Michael Phelps.

I couldn't agree more with Jemele Hill.

We have witnessed something amazing in the '08 Olympics that is nearly impossible to fathom.
It's sort of like trying to define "infinity".

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Men's BB: Iowa Gets 2010 Verbal from Marshalltown's Chanse Creekmur

Jon Miller from has confirmed that Chanse Creekmur, while on a visit to the University of Iowa, has commited to play for the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Photo courtesy of

What we are seeing is a dedicated approach by Lickliter to build the program with solid Iowa preps who love the University of Iowa and will play smart basketball.

The best news that will come about because of Creekmur's commit is the fact that Lickliter is establishing the Iowa program in-state. The 2010, 2011, and 2012 classes are stacked with talent. Lickliter is cleaning up in-state, and if can continue this trend Iowa will have a solid program in no time.

Chanse has a great stroke from the outside, will continue to grow, and is pretty athletic for his age. 6'6" wing who is will probably play the 2 or 3 spot in the Iowa system.

Great pickup by Iowa.

Friday, August 15, 2008

OT: Michael Phelps is Bill Brasky +1

What Tiger does in golf...
What Roger did in tennis...
What Jordan did in the NBA...
What The Babe did in MLB...
What Alcindor did in college basketball...
What Gretsky did in the NHL...
What Pele did in soccer...

Those guys pale in comparison to what Michael Phelps has done.
It's immeasurable.

Phelps = Stud.

Damn, dude.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Be Sure to Tune into the BTN on Thursday! 90 Minute Iowa Football Practice - 8 PM

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Be Sure to Tune into the BTN on Thursday! Iowa Practice - 8 PM,0,2377712.story

The Big Ten Network's "Big Ten Tonight" program will be on the University of Iowa

The session will be included in a monthlong series on the 2008 football season. The 90-minute editions of "Big Ten Tonight: Football Practice" will include interviews with special guests and analysis of each of the Big Ten teams. campus on Thursday to preview a Hawkeye preseason football practice session.