Saturday, January 10, 2009

FOOTBALL: Jake Christensen to Transfer from Iowa

Well, the rumors were correct this time. People close to the program had stated middle of the year that Jake would probably leave. Speculation began to increase after the Outback Bowl when Jake reportedly told a crowd at a bar that he was done at Iowa and appreciated all the support.

Adam Rittenberg is now reporting that Jake's dad, Jeff, has told ESPN that Jake has been given his release by Iowa.

What I appreciate about the whole situation was the maturity and team-first approach Jake took during the season. He could have cause a mighty distraction midway through the season, but instead he was supportive from the sidelines and was leader off the field.

What I don't appreciate is the way Jake's dad continues to talk to the press. It's readily apparent that Jake is far and away more mature than his old man. Jeff's whiny, "woe is me" attitude hasn't rubbed off on Jake, and that's great to see. The past four years Jeff has been interviewed a handful of times by the media and every time he comes off as an arrogant man with a sense of entitlement.

Regardless of how Jeff acts, this post is about Jake and the fact that he is no longer an Iowa Hawkeye. I, for one, appreciate what Jake did for The University of Iowa. He played hard, was all about the team, and was an all around good guy. Much thanks to Jake for what he has done at Iowa, good luck to him in his future endeavors. I hope to see him playing pitching for the Cubs some day.


  1. Jake's dad is the biggest tool i've ever met. he is pissy because he couldnt hack it on the practice squad in the nfl

  2. Jake's father needs to back off and let the coaches coach and let his son play. He needs to stop being a distraction to his son's career. I'm tired of always hearing more about him than hearing about Jake. He's been nothing but an embarrassment to every organization his son has played for..