Wednesday, September 02, 2009

FOOTBALL: Discover ISUISU.COM: Iowa State Fans are Already Looney... Oh Boy

9/12 Iowa (2008 record: 8-4, 2008 result Iowa 17 Iowa St 5) – It would appear that both offenses are going to have big advantages over the defenses. Iowa State, with the spread offense, should have luck moving the ball down the field against a defense that will be missing its top two DB’s for the contest. The Hawkeyes will play a 4-3 defense that the Cyclones should be able to exploit. Iowa has a very good offensive line and should be able to lean on an undersized ISU front seven. However, the Hawks will most likely be missing OL starter Julian Vandervelde and the RB’s are still unproven. The Cyclones have won the last two against Iowa at Jack Trice and Iowa is team that gets better as the season moves along.
Prediction: Iowa State 30 Iowa 28
Win (55% chance of victory)

Ok, let's get this straight.... a team that had 10 losses last year (a current 10 game losing streak mind you), went winless in the Big XII, has a new coach/new system has a 55% chance to beat a nationally ranked Iowa team coming off a News Years bowl win, having won 6 out of their last 7 games.

Look, I know... I know... Iowa plays like donkey crap against ISU, especially in Jack Trice stadium. However, some of this stuff is just ridiculous.
  • First things first, Iowa was 9-4 last year, not 8-4.
  • ISU's offense will have an advantage over Iowa's D? The same Iowa D that is arguably the best defense in the entire Big Ten?
  • Iowa will be missing its top 2 DBs? Is this foresight to say Amari Speivey will be injured? How often do spread offenses exploit Iowa's 4-3? Better do some research on that one too.
  • And the post says Julian is out, so supposedly that's going to have some affect on the line's play... huh? JV is a very nice lineman, but Iowa is deeper than the Pacific Ocean at OL. Seriously.
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So... what exactly is that dude pointing? Hmmm.......


  1. Not to mention that the linebackers will eat their spread like it's Nutella.

  2. those dudes look awesome

  3. Whoever wrote that article knows his stuff.

    If UNI's offense can manhandle Iowa's defense, imagine what Iowa State's offense will do to the Hawks D.

    Spread offenses exploit Iowa's defense all of the time. Who does Iowa struggle against? Iowa State, Purdue, Northwestern...see a theme developing.

    Iowa's OL struggled againt the FCS Panthers despite the "fact" that they are deeper than the Pacific Ocean. Deep with mediocre talent I guess.

  4. You failed to realize also, that the Hawkeyes Defense played poorly against the pass in their game with UNI. Seriously, you think the linebackers will eat up the spread? Kinda like they did against UNI huh? They gave up 270 yards through the air to an inferior team. Arnaud will put you in your place Hawks fans.

  5. Who cares about all the pregame predictions. Of course ISU fans will want their team to win the game just as Iowa fans will want the hawks to win. That's a no brainer! Let the game be played and whoever wins, WINS. It's only braggin rights for 1 year then we play the game all over again! THE END

  6. Iowa really struggled against that spread that Minnesota brought last year. There is no exploitation going on. Norm's D is meant to keep the teams inside the 20s and points off the board, that's what happens. The D wasn't the problem against UNI for Iowa, it was the lack of a running game and two TOs, not Norm's D. Iowa likely gets Calloway and Vandevelde back on the line for ISU, so the OL will get reinforcements. Arnaud will put up huge numbers, but the numbers that count will be on the scoreboard. 5 won't be enough.