Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MEN'S BB: Steve Alford Tries to Spin, Ends Up Doing a 360

Props to Hockey04 for the link to the story, topingyou for pointing out the quote.

FoxSports reports on Alford's incentives.

Forget the fact that former Iowa Hawkeye Mens Basketball coach, Steve Alford, gets paid $10,000 for each time his team beats a Top 20 team. Instead, check out the way he tries to spin the academic successes of his players.

"Our academic situation has taken a 360-degree turn and all three seniors graduate (this spring), and Ro (junior Roman Martinez) will graduate next year. So we've really made a lot of strides in the areas I was hired."

Really? A 360-degree turn? Perhaps Steve needs to head back to grammar school and figure out where a 360-degrees puts you.



  1. The spinmeister at his best. I'm glad he is far away from IC.

  2. Doesn't an Alford 360 actually get you further back then where you started?