Monday, May 04, 2009

MEN'S BB: Malcolm Armstead Chooses Oregon

I'm not one to put much merit into what people say on MySpace or Facebook, however if Mac's status is legit, Ernie Kent just picked up a big time PG for the Oregon Ducks.

"Malcolm Armstead is headed to OREGON next yr so stop having these recruitment sites call me its over... I just told the world lol bout time it feels good now."

Personally, I'm happy for Armstead. I think he had a hard time with the recruitment process and he had a lot of people in his ear telling him what they thought he should do.

With Malik Stith signing with St. John's and Moore signing with Washington State, it was only a matter of time before Armstead went with Oregon.

Plenty of rumors and insider information on what went down with Iowa's recruitment of the JUCO PG. Personally, I think Lickliter and the staff blew this one. Iowa needed help at the guard position desperately. Of course, if Malcolm didn't fit Lickliter's style (see Tony Freeman), then I understand why the recruitment ceased. Regardless, I put this one down as a miss for the staff.

Recruitment needs to pick up something fierce - where's Roy Marble when you need him? I think he'd look good in the DBO position at Iowa.

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  1. Do I have eligibility left? I can hobble around with the best of them.