Monday, July 27, 2009

OT: BREWSTER GOOGLES - Be the first to own a pair!

Ever wonder what it must be like to see past what's truly in front of you? To be able to live on another level? To exist in another state of mind?

Throughout the past few years, Big Ten fans have witnessed Tim Brewster's infamous hype-machine. It's obvious he sees things that simple folk just can't see. He's just that much more in tune than everyone else.

Now, for a limited time, you too can see what Tim Brewster sees with the all-new BREWSTER GOOGLES! WOOOOOOOOO!

There are literally millions of uses for the Brewster Googles; some examples include:

Player Talent Comparisons!

Intrawebs Fun!

Past Games!



  1. This. is. awesome. Found this via Black Heart Gold Pants.

  2. I'm surprise no one noticed the "google" and "goggle" references.

  3. i just thought it was a typo... whats the google reference about?

  4. It was a typo. All references were meant to say Googles... ended up making the promo say Goggles. I could change it, but, why? Too much work.