Friday, May 02, 2008

MEN'S BB: Tony Freeman is No Longer a Hawkeye

There are several stories out of Iowa City explaining what happened today. Bottom line is that Tony Freeman will be transferring from Iowa. Rumors of this move have been circulating since March, and have now been confirmed. The rumors of Tony's departure really picked up steam after a recent I-Club outing where the captains of the 08-09 team were announced and Tony wasn't one of them. Randy Peterson's article in the Des Moines Register gives us Tony's side of the story.

Jon Miller, founder of, has a terrific analysis of the situation. Read about it HERE.

Say what you will about Tony's on the court freestyling ways, losing a player of his caliber is never a good thing. He will be missed sorely, and it most certainly will lower expectations for next year's squad.

If anything good came out of this situation, it would be that it looks like Jeff Peterson is going to be sticking around.

Good luck to Tony wherever he ends up. He is no longer a Hawkeye. Just as the case with Tyler Smith, he will never be thought of as a Hawkeye again. That's a shame, in my opinion.

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