Monday, February 20, 2006

The Iowa vs. Minnesota & Iowa vs. MSU Games

The Minnesota game was a game that should have gone to the Hawks, instead they now have 4 Big Ten losses, making Saturday's game vs. Illinois in C-U crucial.

Haluska was non-existent on the offensive end.

Brunner was lazy on the defensive end when Iowa went into the 1-2-2 zone.

The Gophers threw up some junk shots that somehow found the bottom of the bucket. I dare Stamper to try that banked baseline shot again or Grier to try those shots on the decline of his vertical jump - just ugly. Tollackson threw up junk in the first half that somehow went in and Boone's 30 ft heave found a way to go down too... sometimes it's like that

Iowa lost the game because of the last 2 minutes of the first half and because of the 2 sets of 1 and 1 free throws at the end of the game where they came up empty-handed. The end of both halves were awful for Iowa.

That said, Iowa did not play as horrible as some on here have said. Brunner played terrific on the offensive end of the ball and needed to be fed more often. He would have taken over the game if Iowa could have gotten the ball to him.

No Hawkeye really had a "bad game." Some untimely fouls hurt Iowa and I stand firm on my statement that referees do NOT give Hansen a fair shot down low. They have the whistles ready even before the play is close. Brunner also had a couple questionable fouls called against him, esp. the block on Grier which was unmistakenably clean.

Seriously - Mike Henderson - DO MORE ON THE OFFENSIVE END!!! The guy has a knack of scoring points, but just doesn't shoot enough or take it to the hole enough.

Horner's 5 TOs were tough to swallow, but he played tough. He had a very good first half and had some pretty passes all game long. Both him and Haluska need to get their feet set and hips square to the bucket when they shoot treys. If they did that more often, they'd be shooting 70% from long range.

#5 had some quality minutes as did Gorney.

Iowa's 1-2-2 zone is deadly when they hustle... it is VERY effective when they don't get lazy in the set.

Iowa stole one at home from Minnesota.
Minnesota stole one at home from Iowa.

Although down most of the game, Iowa should have won this one.

Iowa needs to win out if they have any shot of winning the Big Ten title outright.

NEXT GAME: @ Illinois this Saturday

It was an up and down week, as earlier in the week Iowa took out MSU.


The above picture came after a series of pictures after DT's dunk. Alford turned to Thomas who was doing it. I, for one, love the gesture by Alford. It gets him back to his bumping chest days of yore. I love it!
Brown is an arrogant punk who made that pose after they were up by 25+ will just minutes left in the game up in EL. It was not necessary and showed no class. They ran up the score when it was clearly over. If anything, Alford was the classier man at the end of the game, he told the guys no shot and took the shot clock violation. MSU would have probably called a timeout to give Brown an iso play or something.
Alford has a ton of passion for the game, and I will defend his "pose" to the end. It happened during a time where MSU was still very in the game, and he was responding to his player.

Eat it Shannon Brown!

Jeff Horner literally strapped the team on his back midway through the second half w/ some help from Hansen.

Great team effort tonight on both ends...

I was very impressed w/ Jeff once during the MSU game!!

Awesome win for the Hawks!

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