Sunday, April 16, 2006

When Do You Live Today for Today?

Too many times in life we get rundown by the daily grind. We go about our normal routines, as if programmed by some automated service. Daily routines; we all have them. Most of us can set our watches by our daily activities. Wake up. Grab breakfast (whether that is coffee, a donut, a cigarette, or whatever the preferred meal of the morn is). Go to work. Grab lunch. Go back to work. Leave work. Get home. Eat dinner. Go to sleep. Rinse, repeat (5 times). All the while, waiting in anticipation for the two days of the week that we have a chance to get away from the aforementioned routine; the proverbial weekend. Alas, this time away from our “normal routine” usually breeds a second process called the “weekend routine”. Mow the law. Clean up the house. Do the laundry. Continue to work on the ever-lengthening honey-do list.

So when do you have time to do the things you wanted to do as a kid? When do you get to spend all day lying on your back, trying to figure out what each passing cloud resembles? When do you get to bask in the fruits of your labor? When does tomorrow become today? When does soon become now? Too often we concentrate on the future that we forget about the present. Why is this? Are we a society of procrastinators or are we just focused on being prepared? There is a fine line between the two.

We are always wanting more; wanting something new, something fresh. We want the newest gadget, the latest edition, the current release. Is this an inherit insecurity or a wanted need to be on top of the game? Regardless, it is absolutely essential to at least attempt to live in the now, otherwise tomorrow will undoubtedly become yesterday without you even knowing.

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