Tuesday, June 17, 2008

OT: If You Didn't Hear, Iowa is Flooded; Too Bad the DMR Isn't Under Water.

Iowa is in the middle of the single worst flood to hit the state since, well, ever... or somewhere around that time-period. Some waters are reaching beyond the 500 year flood plain. Just an all-out devastating flood last week. I am not going to put up all the links to the various sites that have photos or whatever, just for the fear of what happened to BHGP.

Hawkeye State put up a simple post showing some pictures of the flood, how you could donate to the cause, and put up an embedded video from the Des Moines Register's website. The video, mind you, had links to embed the video directly into your blog, message board, etc...

BHGP - Original Post

Well, apparently that set off a bitch alert down at the Rag, and BHGP was given a cease and desist order wherein they were ordered to remove the offending material. That material being the embedded video that the Rag provided links to allow to embed into your blog, message board, etc...

BHGP - DMR Sinks Disaster Relief

Deadspin caught wind of it, and all hell broke loose.

DEADSPIN - Odd Flood Relief Measures: The Des Moines Register Is Finally Understanding The Interweb

Well, whatever, a pretty shoddy-ass move by the Rag, even after the "apology" was sent. (Ir)regardless [sic], if you are reading this blog you are either an Iowa fan, an Iowa hater, or just bored out your mind (99% of the 2 readers of this blog... yes, that percentage is possible with 2 readers). However you got here, if you have a few bucks to spare, send it Iowa's way. The good people of Iowa need help.

University of Iowa - Flood Fund

Red Cross - Local

Red Cross - National

Ah, forget, I am going to live dangerously... here's a pic from last week in front of the Wig and Pen. Truly jaw-dropping.


Give Iowa a Helping Hand!

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