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Iowa Hawkeye Basketball Recruiting: Summer 2008 Update

As with everything I write on this blog, I don't claim to have any hefty insider information. Pretty much everything I collect is from talking with people I know, some AAU coaches, articles, etc...

2008 class

For all intents and purposes, the 08 class is done. Unless the guys find someone on the AAU circuit who is playing after his senior year and is a late bloomer, our roster is pretty much set for next year. The staff is still looking at some JUCOs, but the options are pretty thin and they aren't going to waste a scholarship (see - Josh Crawford).

2009 class

Some people have stated Iowa has cooled on Jordan Prosser, I don't know the facts in that case. I haven't talked to anyone on this or read anything definitive in the matter. I don't know what's going on with him. I've even heard that Iowa has pulled their offer and he is likely to go to a MVC school.

It's also been stated that Iowa has cooled on Mike Broghammer. That is false. Iowa is still involved with him for the 09 class. I like his game. Kind of a mini-Brunner.

Matt Vogrich is the newest 09 offer. Typical Lick recruit. Play the 2 or 3. Heating up over the summer. I'd be shocked if he didn't stay in the Big Ten (Minn, Iowa, Wisc, NW).

Haven't heard much on Nick Russell as of late. He didn't make it to Iowa's camp because of the flooding and I haven't heard anything since. Wish I had more info on him because he is very talented. I'd be a huge get for Iowa. Hope Iowa can get him, but I don't know if he'd play the 1 or 2 in college because he does like to score.

Ray Cowles is probably going to end being a fall-back guy. He has the body for the Big Ten and is smart on and off the court. His position isn't a "need", but he is a solid player. Brog and Cowles are going to be TOUGH next year at Hopkins, alongside Marcus Williams and DJ Peterson (a 2010 recruit Iowa should keep their eyes on). It's a stacked roster.

Rodney Williams might head to the U with Royce White. I'd be surprised if he didn't... unless Bill Self gets involved. He is still listing Iowa as one of his final schools, though, as of just a few days ago.

Carl Jones is the first true PG recruit that the staff has been looking at. I think 5'11" might be generous for his height. I don't know a lot about him as a recruit, though. I haven't seen his game or talked to anyone who has watched him either. I've read some good things, though.

I've read where Sam Dower has been offered, but also that Iowa is just interested. I have yet to see an official statement where he lists Iowa as a school. He is out of Osseo and played well as a junior for them last year. I was surprised to hear that he was offered, as I thought he'd be more of a mid-major... then again, he's a big and has the always redeeming quality of "potential".

I couple more names that have been floating around... Raymond Penn and Aaron Bright. Ray was another guy that just tore up the Reebok tourney and has shot up the ladder. I've seen 5'9" and 6'0" for his height. Not sure, but he is a PG that can score. Aaron is a Top 100 talent by some sites. I don't know a lot about either of them, just dropping their names as I just heard about them last week.

2010 class

Harrison Barnes continues to just impress on the AAU circuit. I would be blown away if Iowa stays in the running. The big boys are knocking hard. Iowa and ISU were in early, very early, but I just don't know how he says in state.

Russell Byrd still has Iowa on his plate. Iowa was one of the, if not the first, bigger school to offer. The coaches are keeping in contact with him, but I fear that Iowa won't be able to run (once again) with the big dogs unfortunately. I'd love to be wrong, though. He could very well head to MSU in the end. Byrd had Iowa as his leader at the end of June, but a lot of schools are making a run on him.

I don't know of an offer, but Iowa is still very interest in in-state Zach McCabe (teammate of Barnes in AAU and Cougill at Heelan). Playing with Barnes is getting him a lot of exposure as those two are the best players on Attach team. Lot of big time programs are seeing him because of Barnes and he is doing well in the spotlight. I would expect Iowa to look hard at him. He's not getting a lot of praise for his play yet, but he is solid.

Chanse Creekmur has an offer. From what I read, he'd be a good get. I haven't watched him personally. I hear he is a lifelong Iowa fan and his dream was to play at Carver one day. I hope that's true. (That's all hearsay, I can't vouch for those statements).

AJ Derby. Will he play football or basketball? Iowa would be happy either way, as long as he is a Hawkeye.

Ben Brust out of Illinois is also a name I have been hearing.

2011 class

Alex Savage is getting a lot of buzz out of Ames. Lange and White, his AAU teammates are also playing well.

2012 class

Yes, he very. very young. But Iowa would love to land Marcus Paige if they could right now.

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