Thursday, December 11, 2008

MEN'S BB: Word on the Street is Alex Thompson Still Plays for Iowa State

I kid you not, Alex Thompson is still playing college basketball. Thompson has absolutely EXPLODED since he left the University of Iowa for greener pastures (yes, those pastures on the ISU campus to be exact). The timeless wonder is averaging a whopping 3.4 points per game while averaging 23 minutes per contest... wait, what? His average playing time is over a half of a ball game and he is averaging 3.4 points per game? Nice... 27 points on the year in 188 minutes. Um, Bryan Peterson averages more points than Alex Thompson, former All-Stater. He is being out-rebounded by two guards on his own team so far this year... but I hear he TEARS it up in practice (he schools Brunner on a constant basis, you know).

Hey, at least he got rid of the all-black tennies. (Photo -

So the last time anyone really heard from #5 was back in 2006 (yes, like 2 and a half years ago)... and by "anyone", I mean anyone. Watchable footage of Alex Thompson in game was harder to track down than legit Bigfoot tape. However, this 30 second highlight has been uncovered - bask in it, as it all that exists.

And truth be told, the only reason I uploaded that clip is because Kendra Haluska is in it.
This is the only other photo of Alex Thompson that exists on the Intraweb.

Ok, wait, this one, too:
For some reason, this looks like a different Alex Thompson, though.

#5 is gone, we welcome #14 back to Carver-Hawkeye Arena on Friday (the last time he was in Carver he was redshirting from his transfer to ISU from Iowa). Best of luck to Mr. Thompson in his return to Iowa City, may the waning days of his basketball career continue to treat him well.

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