Friday, January 08, 2010

FOOTBALL: AP Voters, Scott Wolf and Jon Wilner, Need to Be Replaced

So if you were wondering.... Here's How the AP Voted for Iowa

And a couple guys on that list need their heads examined.

Scott Wolf, USC "writer"

Scott Wolf from the LA Daily put Iowa at 16th. An Iowa team, mind you that finished the season 11-2, with a couple wins over Top 10 teams and several more wins vs. the Top 25. The same Iowa team that lost to #5 Ohio State in OT on the road with a backup QB. 16th, huh?

He also put Penn State 14th, Ole Miss 10th, Nebraska 7th, Va Tech 5th. Wikipedia hates Scott Wolf almost as much as Hawkeye fans will from now on. His voter rating sucks on Pollspeak, as well.

Jon Wilner trying to be relevant

Jon Wilner from San Jose put Penn State at 21st.
Yet he finds the need to put Cincy 5th, Oregon 7th, Texas Tech 14th.

People like that need to be kicked out of the club. For good.

Absolutely ridiculous to have a ballot that far off from reality. It goes beyond opinion and ends up at absurdity.

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  1. Flush those turds! How in the hell are they allowed to swirl around the bowl after that crap???