Saturday, June 05, 2010

FOOTBALL: Jewel Hampton and Jordan Bernstine Arrested
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Word is there was a fight at Vito's, Jewel was involved, cops were called by the staff, Jewel was arrested, Jordan interfered in the arrest and was cited for pub. intox.

Rittenberg has a story up.

Marc Morehouse gives us some more information via his Twitter:
  • Hampton was arrested for public intox and presence on property, basically the new IC bar law which started June 1. Pub intox for Bernstine.
  • Through UI sports information director Phil Haddy, Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz said he wouldn't comment until he had more details.
  • Both were transported to the Johnson County Jail, Campbell said, and were in custody.
  • Bernstine, aka Jordan Morris, "hampered" the Hampton arrest, according to Campbell. Blew a .129 post arrest. Hampton's BAC was .091.
  • Hampton was involved in several physical problems inside the bar, the IC Police report states.
  • Bernstine "wasn't constructive" during Hampton's arrest and that's what led to his arrest, according IC police Lt. Bill Campell.
The following is a statement from Iowa Football Coach Kirk Ferentz:
“I am aware of the incident involving Jordan Bernstine and Jewel Hampton Friday evening and at this time I am in the process of gathering all the facts concerning the incident. Until I have all the facts, I’ll have no further comment and the incident will be handled internally.”

Personally, I don't see much missed time for these guys. Jordan is of-age, it's the start of summer on a Friday night, nothing wrong with going out and having a couple brews... however, he was in a tight battle for the starting CB spot, so he might take a backseat for awhile, though. Jewel looks to maybe have a tougher road back, under-age and out at the bars after 10 PM (new I.C. rule on June 1st), along with the fighting. He could find himself at 3rd string come this fall. Iowa is pretty stacked at running back, so a couple games without Jewel won't hurt the Hawkeyes that much either.

By "handing it internally", I see that as the punishment likely won't be too severe.

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