Friday, March 15, 2013

Iowa Hawkeyes' Cheatsheat on Who to Pull For Today - (3/15/13 edition)

With Iowa being officially on The Bubble (and currently about 4 or 5 teams away from the NCAA Tourney depending on which "expert" you believe), here are the teams you should be rooting for today.

Teams You Should be Pulling For Today if You're an Iowa Fan

For Bubble implications:

NC State over Virginia
Duke over Maryland
UTEP over Southern Miss
St Louis over Charlotte
Temple over UMASS
Vanderbilt over Kentucky
Butler over LaSalle
Tennessee over Alabama*
Missouri over Ole Miss
* - some debate to this as it could be a knock-out game regardless of who wins.

For Potential Bid Stealers :

Memphis over Tulsa
Miami over BC
Florida over LSU
VCU over St Joes
Oregon over Utah

Iowa has to win tonight's game from MSU to get serious consideration for an at-large bid... they would need to win at least one more after that to feel really good about their chances.  However, one more might be enough depending on how the rest of the bubble goes.  So far this postseason, things have pretty much gone the best anyone could hope for in regards to helping out Iowa's chances.  The Hawks just need to keep winning, simple as that.


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