Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wal-Mart has Officially Lost its Damn Mind!

Check out this story: HERE

Instead of stocking mostly the same products, Wal-Mart (Charts) is custom-fitting its merchandise assortment to reflect each of six demographic groups - African-Americans, the affluent, empty-nesters, Hispanics, suburbanites and rural residents, the newspaper said.

I can just wait for the lawsuits to flow in...

I'm sorry, you are black, we prefer you to go to the "Black Wal-Mart". Oh sorry sir, you are farmer, you can't go to the "Suburbanite Wal-Mart", you have to go to the "Hick Wal-Mart."

For Christ sake, this is how segregation and racism flourishes.... it's not a big deal until someone makes it an issue... how retarded is Wal-Mart?


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