Friday, April 20, 2007

Tyler Smith Leaves the University of Iowa

Tyler Smith Released from Scholarship - LINK

If I was in the situation he is, I don't think I would do anything differently. The U of I, Coach Lickliter, and Mr. Barta obviously felt that something was honestly wrong in this situation and they granted the release. He wouldn't be transferring back to Tennessee because it makes basketball sense (clearly it doesn't). He'd be transferring for personal reasons, those same reasons none of us can fault him for. He is going through some tough times... he no longer has his coaching staff with him, he misses his kid, and his dad isn't doing well. You cannot fault him for leaving.

Tyler brought a lot of energy back into Hawkeye Basketball. It sucks to see him leave; he is a hell of a BB player. That said, Tyler is no longer a Hawkeye. He is no longer part of the family. I understand why he left, but he is no longer a Hawk. "Once a Hawkeye, Always a Hawkeye" is reserved for those who leave after spending their time at Iowa (i.e. - moving to the next level). Just for arguments sake, do you see the following players as Hawkeyes? Pierre Pierce? Josh Rhodes? Marcellus Somerville? Ben Rand? Courtney Scott? I certainly do not. So I have to stay with my assessment that Smith is no longer a Hawkeye; he is out of the family.

There was speculation that Smith would leave as soon as the Alford rumors started. This is another casualty that might have been avoided by Alford staying, but if his dad's health really is deteriorating, it might not have matter if Nealford was still here.

Good luck to Tyler, I genuinely enjoyed watching him on the court. He will be severely missed.

It's just not great to be a Hawkeye right now...


  1. Not only is Smith doing it for family reasons, he also realizes the difference in playing for Iowa right now and Tennessee.

    No offense to the Hawkeyes, and I think the Licklighter will do amazing, but Tennessee is going to be a serious Final Four contender WITHOUT Tyler Smith, and now he takes them to the next level.

  2. Doug -
    With Tyler Smith on the squad, I would honestly consider Tennessee a definite National Champion contender... if he is allowed to get a hardship waiver and play right away.

    I don't buy the Tennessee vs. Iowa argument, though. If that was the case, he would have stay in TN and honored his original NLI he signed.

    Iowa lost a fantastic player, but he really only has one more season left before he jumps to the NBA.

    - Justin

  3. I agree "Once a hawkeye always a hawkeye" is only reserved for those that stick it out and give the University their all.

    those that actually buy into being a hawkeye and are proud to be labeled a hawkeye~ Mr. Smith clearly was NOT!!!