Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Big Ten Men's Basketball Schedule Released: My Very Early Iowa Game Predictions

Very early Big Ten Predictions:

Opponent W/L
Indiana L (0-1) Hoosiers take it easily.
at Wisconsin L (0-2) Tough fought game, but Wisky wins by double-digits.
at Ohio State L (0-3) Matta beats Lick.
Michigan State L (0-4) Don't be surprised if this one is tight at the end; Iowa has a shot in this one.
Purdue W (1-4) Iowa wins this one in a close contest.
at Michigan W (2-4) Iowa wins by single-digits.
at Indiana L (2-5) Don't see Iowa staying close in this one.
Penn State W (3-5) Iowa will have a tough battle with PSU finally putting a decent team on the court, Iowa holds off though.
at Purdue L (3-6) This one could go either way.
Ohio State L (3-7) Iowa will play well at home and give the Buckeyes a battle, but don't have enough to win.
Wisconsin L (3-8) I have confidence that Iowa can win this game, but I would need to see Iowa's out of conference results first.
at Minnesota W (4-8) Iowa big in the barn.
Michigan W (5-8) Iowa wins big at home.
Northwestern W (6-8) Iowa gets on a three game win streak, beating the kitties at home
at Michigan State L (6-9) No chance.
at Penn State W (7-9) This one will probably be a loss, but I needed a tossup game to go Iowa's way.
Illinois L (7-10) Another toss up game, Illini win it.
at Northwestern W (8-10) The hex is gone. Iowa wins.

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