Saturday, August 11, 2007

Give Jacque Jones Playing Time, He Will Deliver

All year I’ve been preaching that once Jacque Jones gets consistent ABs and regular playing time, he will contribute offensively. Previously, I had no stats to back up my claims, so I decided to do some digging. Here’s the analysis. To simplify my point, here’s a look at Jones’ average over the course of the year. Yes, I could also show OBP, SLG, etc… but I wanted to keep it simple. I calculated the stats by hand, so I might have a few errors, but the overall trend is very striking.

April 2 through May 5: Started 24 of 28 games. 97 ABs .299 AVG (.299 overall)

Jones’ playing time starts to decrease and his stats do, as well.

May 6 through June 5:
Started 18 of 28 games.
77 ABs .156 AVG (.241 overall)

June 6 though July 8: Started 12 of 31 games. 45 ABs .200 AVG (.233 overall)


Jones’ playing time starts to increase and his stats do, as well.

July 13 through Aug 10: Started 22 of 28 games. 81 ABs. .370 AVG (.266 overall)

I think it’s pretty glaring that point has been well made.

Give Jones’ regular PT, and he will deliver.

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