Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Men's BB: Iowa vs. UNI Prediction

GAME INFO: Wed., Dec 5, 2007 - 8:00 CST - McLeod Center, Cedar Falls, IA
IOWA (5-4) / UNI (6-1)

This game has blowout written all over it.

Jeff Peterson, the Big Ten leader in assists as of the beginning of this week, is out due to the death of his grandfather. Dan Bohall was arrested for public intox and is suspended for the game. And we all know that Tony Freeman is still recovering from his broken 5th metatarsal. Coach Lickliter is nervous too.

If Freeman cannot go, even for spurts at a time, Iowa is in SERIOUS trouble tonight. The Hawkeyes would have been a double-digit underdog even with Peterson and Bohall.

Let's take a look at the current roster:

Ouch. It's not as if this team boasted "depth" under its list of strengths anyway.

Guards (3): Justin Johnson, Jake Kelly, JR Angle
Forwards (3): Kurt Looby, Jarryd Cole, Cyrus Tate
Centers (2): Seth Gorney, David Palmer

Ouch, indeed.

So the Starting Lineup might look like this:

PG - Jake Kelly
SG - Justin Johnson
G - JR Angle
PF - Jarryd Cole
PF - Kurt Looby

I just don't know how Kelly and Johnson don't play 40 minutes each.
Oh yea, don't bother bringing up the possibility of someone fouling out. Just stop right there.
Iowa's first taste of the brand new McLeod Center might not be very delicious.
Will Iowa's bigs be able to stop Coleman (i.e. - Hawkeye Killer) and the up-and-coming stud, Jordan Eglseder? Probably not stop, but contain, I think so. I do think, though, that the UNI guards will harass the ballhandlers to no end and the turnovers for Iowa could be higher than the points scored.



  1. UNI dominates the in-state competition...again. Who will win the Cy-Hawk trophy this year? Answer: The UNI Panthers!!!

  2. Well, anonymous. You were just as wrong as I was! :)