Wednesday, December 05, 2007

OT: How Long Until the Salvation Army Bell Ringers Accept VISA?

The Salvation Army has been raising funds at the local and regional level for ages. The Red Kettles can be seen towards the end of each year at many stores across your area. The volunteers ring the bell in sub-degree temps (well, at least where I live) to help those in need.

Here's the conundrum. I don't carry cash. Really, I don't. I rarely, if ever, have any sort of currency in form of bill or coin. As I exit a business and see a red kettle with a person ringing the bell, I feel like I should give them some money. Except, WHOOPS, I don't have anything on me!

So just HOW LONG is it until the Salvation Army accepts VISA? Haven't they seen the commercials? Life takes Visa. Ring away good bell ringers, but please don't scoff at me because I do not give. I am a slave to VISA and its cashless hold on society.

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