Sunday, August 22, 2010

ISU's Grant Mahoney was not a fan of my video

So... I just happened to look back at some of my older YouTube videos. I was checking out some comments, and some of my replies. Apparently I didn't look very closely at the ISU Blooper video I put up a few years back. I replied to a user, grantmahoney21, who, after a closer look could actually be the Cyclone place kicker.

Take a look for yourself:

His profile sure appears as if it's him. If I was in his shoes, though, I probably would have said the same thing... especially after missing those field goals.

Here's the video again if you want a quick laugh:


  1. He should stick to dancing, His Milk shakes will Bring ALL the boys to the yard!!

  2. That's really funny. Well done.