Friday, June 22, 2007

40 Year Old Coach Marries 16 Year Old Athlete

16 year old Windy Hagar married her 40 year old track coach, Brenton Wuchae.

File this baby under "WTF?!"

Are you kidding me? First off the chick's name is Windy. Yes, Windy. Nice job, parents. Secondly, the parents now say her life is over... I don't know what is worse, her parents signing the consent form or publically proclaim her life to be over. Wow. I am not normally one to put the blame on the parents when it comes to problems with kids, but this one screams out "bad parenting." Ugh. Good luck to the newlyweds, I'm sure the quarter of century in age difference will give them to talk about; that, or the fact that he could have a daughter her age. VMI Basketball couldn't be happier you chose to wear that shirt for the picture, Brenton.

ABC NEWS Article

Local Carolina News Article (WCNC, NBC Affiliate)

Video Interview with the Mother

I particularly like the article from The State Port Pilot, the newspaper's slogan is, "A Good Newspaper in a Good Community." Nice...

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