Monday, October 01, 2007

And Further More... In Regards to Ken O'Keefe vs. Indiana

Once Indiana started to load the box, it would have been time to go to the air.
The thing is, it never came to that.


Base package by Indiana - first series:
AY for 6 yard, 2nd and 4. What does KOK do? Pass. Sack. Loss of 6. Back to 3rd and long. 3 and out. Punt.

Next series, great field position. 1st and 10. Run? Nope. Pass. Sack. Run by AY for 9 yards (would have been 2nd and 1 had we ran on 1st down). , but illegal formation called. First down on the slant. Try the toss to DJK (good idea, as good as a run). AY for 3, 3rd and 2. Pass. Incomplete. Missed FG.

Next series, Backed up deep in the endzone. Run? Nope. Pass. Incomplete. 2nd down Sims is stopped and now we're forced to pass with 3rd and long again. 3 and out. Bad punt. Great FP for Indy. TD Indy.

Next series, Sims gets the ball on first down (THANK YOU KOK!). 17 yards, but penalty brings it back. 18 yard pass to Cleveland. Sims loses 2 on 2nd and 2. Draw play (I actually loved this call) falls 1 yard short. 3 and out. Punt.

Next series, decent PF. Run? Nope. Pass. 25 yards to TE. First down. Run? Nope. Pass. Sack. Loss of 9. 2nd and forever. Screen pass. 3rd and long. Incomplete. 3 and out. Punt.

So now at this point Iowa is down 21-0.
Albert Young rushes? 3 for 18 yards. So you are telling me that through a quarter and a half of football vs. an awful rush D, Albert Young carried the ball 3 times. 3 times. That's just amazing to me.

Alright, Iowa gets the ball back down 21 to zip and finally KOK "gets it" or so I thought he did.

First down - AY up the gut for 4 yards. Second down - AY up the gut for 21 yards. First down - AY up the gut for 3 yards. Hey, this is working pretty good, huh? Let's keep running... 2nd down and 7. Pass. Sack. 3rd and 9 - forced to pass, Chaney with the 7 yard gain. Go for it on 4th, Jake with the 2 yard rush. First down. We should run, right?! WE DO! AY off left tackle for 3 yards. 2nd down - AY off right tackle for 11 yards. First down! Great job line! Great job AY! Keep feeding him!! First Down on the 10 yard line - run it right? Nope. Pass. Incomplete. 2nd down - screen to Sims for 3. 3rd down - pass to Chaney. Incomplete. 25 yd FG missed.

Am I missing something here? Until Indiana was able to stop our run, there is NO REASON to go away from it. FORCE them to stack the box. Iowa didn't do this, though.

Frustration, to say the least.

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