Monday, October 15, 2007

Hawks beat Illinois: Ferentz is emotional, Zook shoves a cameraman.

Huge win for Iowa.

I had been waiting to put out a video of Kirk Ferentz for a while. After the Illinois game, it seems as appropriate as ever to release it.

Check out "The Captain"

The Ol' Zooker still cannot figure out how to beat Ferentz. Perhaps he took his frustrations out on a cameraman. I uploaded this video to YouTube. So it wasn't vicious, but come on, it's Zook.

Check it out as Ron Zook gives a camera guy a shove after his very brief handshake with Kirk.

On Iowa!

PS - Thank you Ken O'Keefe for giving Albert Young the ball. You gave it to him 25 times. He rushed for about 100 yards. The Hawks won. It really is that simple. Seriously.

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