Thursday, November 06, 2008

MEN'S BB: Todd Lickliter is Still in Love with Butler

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First things, first. I REALLY like Coach Lickliter. He is, undoubtedly, going to turn around Iowa Basketball. Good things are ahead, and I am stoked about where the program is heading. With that on the table, I have to say something about this Butler love once again. In Lick's Wayne State pre-game audio supplied by, Lick couldn't get through his media address without bringing up the Bulldogs. It wasn't a single reference either. Below are the references that I could find from listening to the audio.
ABOUT PLAYING AGAINST WAYNE STATE - "I've played them twice at Butler..."

ABOUT JARRYD COLE'S INJURY - "I had a player at Butler that had an ACL..."

ABOUT EXPECTATIONS- "I shared with our guys at Butler - when you renovate a home, you get something done. You admire it, but you know there's more work to do."
Now, this normally wouldn't be THAT big of deal, but compare that to how many times he mentions Iowa. ONCE - In reference to working for Iowa and being able to see Brands and Gable on occassion.

As my friend, Pumbaa would say, "You gotta put your behind in your past."

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