Tuesday, November 25, 2008

OT: Who Knew Iowa Football was an Aphrodesiac?

Illegal Use of Hands? You betcha'!

This is probably why they don't serve alcohol in Kinnick:
Iowa Fans Busted Having Sex in Metrodome Bathroom

I guess the fact that Iowa was up 55-0 was just too much for these two... No word if there was any foot tapping involved in the Metrodome stall.

I don't know what's more intriguing - the fact that there were 15 other people gawking at the lovefest or the fact that both people involved were cheating on their significant other. Imagine the walk back to the car after the game? Aaaaaaaackwaaaaaaaaard...

Proof enough that there was much more spanking occurring than just on the field on Saturday.

According to a WCCO report, the woman gave a false middle name. I doubt that happened, my guess is she was too drunk to remember.

Thanks for the link, Lane.

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