Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jamie Pollard Puts Up Another Billboard

OK, fine, Jamie.  You put up "It's a Cyclone State" billboards when ISU beat Iowa in football.  Fine, whatever.  It was a jab at Iowa.  And while petty and trite, it at least made sense in its efforts to get under the skin of Hawkeye fans.

The ISU athletic department's latest advertising move is just... well... stupid.
They even had a jigsaw puzzle on Facebook that added new pieces while excited ISU fans guessed what it was going to be...

Here's the billboard:

Yes, that's former Iowa and UNI AD, Bob Bowlsby on a billboard in Iowa markets.  The ISU marketing department Pollardized this advertisement by making it seem as if Bob Bowlsby is coming home to Iowa State.  And by doing that, getting under the skin of Iowa and UNI fans.  But here's the thing.  It doesn't make any sense.  Both fanbases are completely apathetic when it comes to Bowlsby.  No one gives a shit.  Really.  No one.  He works in Texas, where the Big XII offices are located.  He has 9 other schools besides ISU under his wing.  Yet ISU Marketing thinks this makes sense. I just do not get it.  I can't even put into words how silly this billboard is, I'm not even upset, I'm dumbfounded at why a program would put something like this up. Seriously, you made a billboard about your conference commissioner.

Needless to say, even Iowa State fans weren't pleased with this billboard.

Since I can't put it into words, I'll have to draw an analogy.  I guess it only makes sense that Iowa would put a billboard (a Pollardized one, of course) to "get back" at those rascals down there in Ames.  Oh, Iowa is gonna troll you guys from Ames. 

Cael coaches for Penn State and because of that, he coaches in the Big Ten.  Well, guys, IOWA IS IN THE B1G CONFERENCE, you know.  So Cael is TOTALLY coming home to Iowa when he left the state to become the head wrestling coach at Penn State.  NOW I GET IT.  I UNDERSTAND POLLARD AND ISU MARKETING 101.


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