Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Falls to Indiana, but Justin Johnson Puts on a Show

If you would have told me Iowa was going to lose to the #11 team in the nation by just 3 points, I would have laughed at you. Well, it happened tonight. Just an all-around great effort by the Hawks, who were undermanned all night long when Kelly went out with an ankle injury. Iowa basically played 7 guys all the way. Iowa lost, but didn't go down without a fight.

Check out what Justin Johnson did in last 1:56 of the game:

1:56 70-60 Justin Johnson made Three Point Jumper.
1:01 71-63 Justin Johnson made Three Point Jumper.
0:42 73-66 Justin Johnson made Three Point Jumper.
0:21 75-70 Justin Johnson made Three Point Jumper.
0:15 77-73 Justin Johnson made Three Point Jumper.
0:06 78-76 Justin Johnson made Three Point Jumper

SIX three pointers in the last 1:56; FIVE of them coming in the last 61 seconds of the game.
I personally do not recall ever seeing anything remotely like that in an NCAA basketball game. JJ's performance reminded me of Reggie Miller's feat against the Knicks in the playoffs. It was just insane to watch. Everything he threw up went in.

I put a highlight video together in case you missed it:

If embed doesn't work, here is the direct link: LINK

*EDIT: The video is getting pretty popular on YouTube (at least on the Sports side), here are the stats for the first full day it was uploaded.

Honors for This Video:
I appreciate the link from, as well.

Johnson was just on fire that night, it was a pleasure to watch. College basketball fans can appreciate what he did out there. It's a shame Iowa fans were only able to see JJ play for two years!


  1. This video is about to put your blog on the map for a while. Great work.

  2. Thats impressive.

  3. Damn, JJ was En Feugo. How many fans were at Carver last night? Place looks more empty than KOK's Tecmo Bowl play book. I love moral Ws.

  4. If you're looking for a comparison: Tayshaun Prince hit 5 3-pointers on UK's first 5 possessions against UNC in '04.

  5. The YouTube link is on as well. Here's the link:
    (under the Indiana section). That was some terrific shooting; I wish Oklahoma had some players like that. Peace!