Saturday, January 05, 2008

OT: The Fun Time Show - EPISODE ONE

Every Christmas I give my in-laws some sort of multimedia present... whether that be a song, a video, or anything in between. This year I decided to make a show based on the animation of Tom Goes to the Mayor. I took some of the more peculiar photos of the family, cropped the individuals out, and then used Photoshop to give it the Tom Goes to the Mayor look. I used my PC to record the piano, as well as the singing and voiceovers. I'm not trying to fool anyone, this isn't top notch stuff, but I had a lot of fun doing it and it took a good chunk of December to finish it off. I used Flash MX to do the animation. There is a little bit of profanity in the clips (mainly in the Opening Credits, but you can click on the censored version below the clip). I wrote the script, piano scores, and lyrics... pretty much everything you see/hear I did except some of the obvious background tracks (and my wife helped with graphics, too).

Hopefully you enjoy "The Fun Time Show". If not, eh, who cares?

FUN TIME SHOW INTRO - Umm... pretty self explanatory, it's the opening credits to the show.

Censored version

THEME SONG GUY INFOMERCIAL - Theme Song Guy infomercial from the Fun Time Show...CDs containing your favorite theme songs sung without background music or harmonies, just absolutely gorgeous.

HOT FOOT LUKE'S AEROBICS SHOW - This is one of the clips from The Fun Time Show involving Luke as an aerobics instructor.

I BURNED YOU - This is a prank call show featuring Tessa as Franc. This originated with Tessa leaving me an 8 second voicemail saying she was my neighbor and my dog knocked her down. I remixed the audio and made this skit for the Fun Time Show.

SOAP OPERA SKIT - This is the soap opera sketch from The Fun Time Show. Tessa brings home her boyfriend for the first time and the family doesn't approve.

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