Tuesday, October 14, 2008

FOOTBALL: Pat Forde is One Silly Bastard

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Pat Forde is, again, ripping on Kirk Ferentz. Again, he is using inaccurate information.

Kirk Ferentz (16), Iowa. How bad is it: Bounce-back rout of Indiana renews hope that the 4-3 Hawkeyes can earn a bowl bid after staying home last season. The bigger issue might be making sure no more players wind up on the police blotter, after 19 have been arrested since April 2007 -- which is why the school hired a director of player development three weeks ago. Low point: Loss to Michigan State was the third straight this season, by a total of nine points, and was the fourth straight game in which Iowa failed to score more than 20 points. Chance of a turnaround: Ohio State is not on the schedule, which is a positive. Michigan is not on the schedule, which now looks like a negative. Ferentz has won at least six games seven years in a row and this should be eight -- but the most overpaid coach in the country has just a 23-21 record since 2005. Still, it's almost certain that Ferentz will be back for an 11th season unless other off-the-field issues arise.

No, Pat. There HAVEN'T been 19 players ARRESTED. Get your facts straight.

Most overpaid coach in the country? Blah. There are many others. Look at the revenue Iowa Football brings in and explain to me why Iowa should not have paid him what they did, when they did. 100 out 100 people would have done the EXACT SAME THING Bob Bowlsby did when he signed Kirk to that extension. He is not overpaid, he is getting paid what the market required.

And then Pat uses his last line in the piece to redact everything he previously said by stating that Ferentz will likely be back. Nice back-pedal, Pat.

The sooner people realize Ferentz isn't going anywhere, the better. If he leaves, it'll be for the NFL, but he has repeatedly turned those jobs down, as well. Then again, articles like this will get read because they are "soap opera"ish, and America loves drama.

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