Tuesday, March 04, 2008

MEN'S BB: The Scholarship Situation Facing Lickliter

A lot of rumors flying around the Hawkeye Universe in regards to who is losing a scholarship, who is going to be asked to leave, who is going to leave on their own, etc... How many scholarships does Iowa have to give? Are they going to go after one, possibly two, JUCO bigs to fill out the roster? What's the coaching staff thinking?

Here are my assumptions at this point and time... I am not saying they are right or wrong, just what I think. Clearly this year was not ideal in regards to personnel (talent and/or numbers). Lickliter wants to have 15 on his team like most programs.


Freeman, SR
Tate, SR
Davis, JR
Palmer, JR *
Kelly, SO
Peterson, SO
Cole, SO
Tucker, FR
Gatens, FR
Fuller, FR
Brommer, FR

Lickliter, FR
Bohall, JR

Johnson, Gorney, Looby, Angle**

* This scholarship could open up
** Graduates in four years and doesn't play in his fifth year.

At this point, I see there being 1, probably 2 scholarship left for a big and a wing with the possibility of 1 more depending on Palmer's status. As of right now, I'd say he is going to be in an Iowa uniform next year (that can change).

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: One to three available. If Iowa can sign the right guys, they will make moves accordingly to make room.


Davis, SR
Palmer, SR *
Kelly, JR
Peterson, JR
Cole, JR
Tucker, SO
Gatens, SO
Fuller, SO
Brommer, SO
Cougill, FR

Lickliter, SO **
Bohall, SR

Freeman, Tate

* This scholarship could open up
** This may go from walk on to scholarship

Again, this depends on Palmer's status, but Iowa has at least 2 to work with.

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: At least two, maybe three available.

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