Friday, September 05, 2008

FOOTBALL: The Minnesota Golden Gopher Athletic Department Has No Balls

Thomas Neumann from ESPN's Page Two has a brilliant article on the non-conference strength of schedules of the BCS football programs. Neumann took the non-conference schedules of the 60 BCS schools and analysed their opponents over the last decade.

Here's what the data shows:

1.) Minnesota is the weeniest BCS program over the past decade (#1 weakest schedule).

2.) Contrary to popular belief, Iowa does a bang up job scheduling BCS schools in its non-conference schedule (7th out of 60).

Granted, Iowa hasn't done overly well against the BCS schools, but at least the A.D. has gone about scheduling real BCS opponents (18 for the Iowa Hawkeyes vs. 2 for the Minnesota Golden Gophers).

Minny has exactly ONE win versus a BCS opponent in non-conference action. One.

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