Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pete Fiutak calls Brett Bielema Fat and Questions Tim Brewster's Hire

That, my friends, is what we call a "Win, Win Situation".

If you don't read Pete Fiutak's stuff, then you are missing out. Writing for, he consistently finds a way to meld humor with pertinent information time and time again.

Some nuggets from his latest Cavalcade of Whimsy...

Talking about the Minnesota hire:
“You never trust a big butt and a smile” … Depending on which side of the fence you swing on, it was either a brazen, groundbreaking choice that might seem a bit radical, but could turn out to pay off in a big way, or it was a reckless, irresponsible selection that comes across more like a bad punch line. The interview process wasn’t nearly lengthy enough for some, while others champion the radical nature of the move considering new ideas are so desperately needed.
The high-level experience factor is an issue; there really wasn’t any throw into the equation. The pro side praises the pick, mainly because they have to, even though they would’ve ripped the selection to shreds had it been made by the other side, while the naysayers are slightly worried that a new superstar might have just been unleashed on the scene. There were many safer, veteran prospects out there that could’ve come in and ensured a win right away, but this is a shot for the stars that was either pure genius or total madness. Yes, a year later, Minnesota fans are still trying to figure out the hiring of Tim Brewster.
And don't forget Bielema:
McCrosky: Bad news, the fog is getting thicker.
Johnny: And Leon's getting laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrger.” …

Note to quickly expanding Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema: State Street Brats offers a fine selection of salads and grilled sandwiches, too. There’s no need to go the Double Red Brat route, and definitely move past the Brat and Burger on one bun. The fantastic Badger head coach appears to be on his way to being Bill Parcells in more ways than one.

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