Tuesday, September 02, 2008

OT: Happy Birthday, BlackHeartGoldPants

To honor the boys' success, here are my top 10 favorite articles of 2008.

Casey McMillan is a Rampaging Terrormonster
Ron Zook Runs Into Tim Brewster
Iowa Basketball: Where Amazing Happens
Michigan: Where Plagiarism Happens
The JoePa Chronicles: JoePa Writes Another Programming Note
Kirk Ferentz's Twitter Feed
Jake Christensen on Deal or No Deal
BHGP New Year's Resolutions
Justin Johnson Goes Ass-Bananas - (this was the first time I mentioned on BHGP and I nearly wet my pants with delight).

And of course, I'd have to put in an honorable mention (and shameless, shameless plug) to the only real contribution I have ever given the site... not because of lack of effort, but because of lack of being a good blogger...

BHGP ROUNDTABLE: Iowa Football 2008 (Part One)
BHGP ROUNDTABLE: Iowa Football 2008 (Part Two)

Congrats on turning the big 1, BHGP, but you know you'll always be a 10 in my heart... or a 0... I can't ever remember if I am supposed to carry the 1 or not.

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