Friday, March 27, 2009

MEN'S BB: It's (NOW) Official - Kelly, Palmer, Peterson, and Davis Leaving Iowa BB Program

No one can say for sure the reason why the mass exodus occurred at Iowa, but four players, including Iowa leading scorer and best player will not be back next year.

Jake Kelly, sophomore guard, is expected to head back to Indiana, possibly transfer to Indiana State.

Jeff Peterson, sophomore guard, frustrated by his role in the program is heading for an unknown destination.

David Palmer, junior forward, is on course to graduate in May and will not be returning to the program. A force out or voluntary leave? Not sure.

Jermain Davis, junior guard, is transferring to Mankato State as he was not happy with his role on the team either.

Black Wednesday was when this info came out - and today it becomes official.

So what's REALLY happening inside the program. This is the third straight year Iowa has had their best player leave the team (Smith, Freeman, Kelly). It's not like this system is easy to pick up or anything. Iowa is now even further behind the 8 ball now.

Recruiting had better get red-hot for Iowa or the Hawks will struggle in the non-conference this year, not to mention the drubbing in conference.

The door is WIDE OPEN for Malcolm Armstead to jump right into a starting role on this team at PG. He canceled his visit at Charlotte and one of his other suitor's, Kentucky, just fired their coach.

Other names are swirling out there, I just hope Iowa can land some of them and they are smart enough to pick up this, apparently, difficult system to pick up.

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