Thursday, March 26, 2009

Men's BB: It's (Sort of) Official, Jake Kelly Leaving Iowa

I've been pimped Doc's articles via Twitter the past 24 hours in regards to the news of transferring players, if you missed them, head to Scott Dochterman's blog.

His latest article talks about the players leaving, esp. Jake Kelly. Looks like he is right in line with everything.

All that talk looks to have become the truth. Although nothing "official" has been released yet, the Terre Haute News has talked to Bob Kelly (Jake's dad, not the comedian, but that's not to say Jake's dad doesn't have a sense of humor) and he revealed that Jake has asked for his release from the Iowa Basketball program.

Now Todd Lickliter doesn't necessarily have to honor the release request, however with what we saw happen with Tyler Smith and his family situation it's likely he'll grant it. Then again, I can't help but think Coach Lickliter is pleading with Jake to stay on with his squad.

I have been hoping that we haven't seen the last of Jake Kelly in an Iowa Hawkeye uniform, but it looks like nothing but bad news for Hawk fans.

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